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When you think of purchasing a Professional Karaoke System, the notion of it being a frivolous buy would never cross your mind. Thankfully, the VocoPro Jamcube 2 Karaoke System is a full-fledged entertainment package! A smart purchase at a decent price, this hi-tech system works well with any and every format under the sun, be it a DVD, CD, CD+G, MP3 or a Photo CD. You can also easily connect it to a TV, or have it interfaced with a USB device or SD card, as per your convenience. Further, there are several automatic control features like digital key control, volume control and pitch control, to enhance your overall karaoke experience.

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As die-hard karaoke fans ourselves, we were pleasantly surprised with the powerful features of this karaoke system. Having come across other professional karaoke units that needed to be connected to speakers, this system wins hands down as it has a high quality in-built speaker that provides a very good voice projection, loud enough for an average sized room. The volume, key, bass and pitch modulation options work well in ensuring that the performance is fine-tuned and pleasant to the ears. Although, initially I was confused on how to start using the wireless microphones, upon reading the instruction manual a few times over, I finally grasped the mechanism. We have been using different types of plug-ins from time to time, and whether it is our son’s tab or our daughter’s iPod, the sound quality and functionality has remained consistent throughout. Honestly, initially we were apprehensive of using our old CDs on the brand new unit, but when we eventually did, there was absolutely no problem at all.


The best part about this VocoPro Jamcube 2 Karaoke System is that for a unit weighing 33 pounds, it provides excellent and well-regulated sound projection. So even if you’ve invited a lot of guests over at home, you can easily shift the unit to whichever position you want without having to worry about the need to connect it to an external speaker. With our previous experience of personal karaoke units that needed to be connected to speakers, or cumbersome wiring of microphones, this is a highly advanced model that has an excellent internal speaker and wireless microphones. So rather than worrying about setting up or installing the system at a suitable place, all your attention can be focused towards entertaining your guests with a fabulous duet performance. As long as you connect it to a TV for everybody to view the lyrics of the karaoke track, this home karaoke system scores high on portability.

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It is important to know that the instruction manual needs to be read very carefully before one starts operating the system. While this is true in case of any device, we lay particular emphasis on this unit because it took us a while to fully understand the various input, output, plug-in and control options, so that we could use the system to our utmost satisfaction. There are so many different devices that can be interfaced with this system that it takes some time to comprehend and get used to.

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It’s been almost nine months since we’ve been using our VocoPro karaoke system, on a very regular basis. When our children invite friends over at home, the performances go on for hours at a stretch, with three to four kids using it at once. In fact, at such gatherings, a considerable amount of manhandling is bound to happen, but thankfully, there have been no technical glitches so far. The only issue that happened once was pertaining to the microphones, but that was probably because we were not aware of the right way of using them in the initial phases.

VocoPro Jamcube 2

VocoPro Jamcube 2


Needless to say, the versatility of the VocoPro Jamcube 2 Karaoke System is another significant reason for you to go ahead and make the purchase. With the 4 wireless microphone inputs, with one VHF Dual Mic Module, you have the option of going solo, singing a lovely duet and even having a wonderful chorus in the background. Even if you are not in the mood for karaoke, and just want to listen to some soulful tracks, you can simply connect your iPod or MP3 Player, or play your favorite CD, and the home karaoke system will function as a high quality stereo system, with surround sound.


Indulging in impromptu singing and karaoke performances within the comfort of your home or in a club setting, is indeed a dream come true. But with the right system like the VocoPro Jamcube 2 (barring a few minor glitches), you will also notice a remarkable improvement in your singing capabilities. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying these lively musical nights. It has added to the fun and frolic of our otherwise mundane gatherings at home.

  • 4 Microphone Input Points for a highly interactive experience
  • Multi-Format Functionality (DVD, CD, CD+G, Mp3 & Photo CD Formats supported)
  • Comes with SD Recorder and VHF Dual Mic Module
  • Automatic Key Control Mechanism
VocoPro Jamcube 2

Great flexibility and interface, excellent sound quality for professional settings.

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