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There are compact karaoke units that deliver a decent quality and then there are massive machines with the ability to rival karaoke bar setups. The VocoPro DVD-Duet is a professional karaoke player that lets you choose from DVD, CD-G and MP3 format. It even offers double cassette deck setup just in case you have a stack of old cassettes lying around that you want to sing along with. Ideal for schools, churches, clubs, bars and even homes, it packs in an impressive sound output of over 80 Watts with dual speakers and a DVD player capable of playing movies and videos. Thanks to its rugged wooden construction with shock proof packing, it can fit into RVs, boats, planes and even cars. But where it excels most is in the voice department with plenty of vocal controls. Key among them is the 12 step Digital Key controller that helps you alter your pitch, tone and voice or a more professional feeling. With a 5 band equalizer, you can even control the music output. The VocoPro DVD-Duet comes with an AM/FM tuner, pre-out jacks, volume controls, 2 inputs, dual microphones and a fully enabled remote control.

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You simply cannot beat a VocoPro product in the features department. Designed for a professional environment, the DVD-Duet is actually one of the most affordable solutions for karaoke lovers. Not exactly your bar specific karaoke player but definitely worth investing into if you hold karaoke nights, own a small bar or recreation center, hold Sunday church parties. Cassette player, CD/DVD player, voice modulation, pitch correction, 12 Key correction controls with a 5 band equalizer, wooden woofer and four speaker setup, dual mic interface all add to its feature’s gallery. The VocoPro DVD-Duet is my personal favorite as far as features go.


As far as professional karaoke machines go, I have seen bulkier and heavier machines than the VocoPro DVD-Duet. Two side slots on the unit let you carry it into a minivan, RV, boat and even tether it to the roof of your car. Basically, I give this a good score in the portability department because it is a near professional machine with impressive performance that can be taken anywhere as long as you have a helping hand and a car.

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There was a time when VocoPro was one of the trusted karaoke machine manufacturers but lately they have become the General Motors of the karaoke industry with false warranty advertisement and really appalling customer service. A few DVD-Duet owners I know recently revealed to me that their units have slowly started deteriorating, especially the CD player component that just doesn’t seem to play anything with minor scratches and above. Forget about getting support from VocoPro as they will ask you to cover cost of shipping out the machine to them even when it is in warranty. On the positive side of things, only 1 out of 10 customers will receive a lemon, so you can take a risk considering that no other company currently offers so much in such a small price tag.

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An area that the VocoPro DVD-Duet has lately disappointed in, durability is a major concern with this karaoke player. The CD/DVD player slowly starts losing its vitality and after about 10 months, it will begin to give a No Disc error, which in other words suggests a poor grade laser reader. Forget about getting it repaired by VocoPro, your best bet is to hassle them for a replacement if it is under warranty, which they will ultimately do. Other than this particular nagging concern, it won’t fail you in the speaker, microphone or any other department.

VocoPro DVD-Duet Karaoke

VocoPro DVD-Duet Karaoke


Superior in features, built along the lines of professional karaoke players, the VocoPro DVD-Duet is actually one of the most versatile cost effective pro players I have come across. From playing CD-G to DVD formats, streaming AM/FM radio to recording and dubbing on cassettes, you can do many things without the need of additional equipment. Quite frankly nothing beats the VocoPro in terms of versatility.


Who doesn’t want to be a pop star? With the VocoPro DVD-Duet, anyone can alter their otherwise mundane tone to execute perfect vocals. Tone correction, 5 band equalizer, multiple format support, cassette player, powerful speakers, high quality microphones make this a truly professional’s play machine. Great for amazing karaoke nights and entertainment centers, it is an all-inclusive pro-only device for the truly serious karaoke lovers.

  • 2 way quad speaker setup totaling over 80 Watts.
  • Works with DVD, VCD, CD-RW, JPEG, CD-G, CD-R and HDCD formats.
  • Works as a conventional cassette player too, recording and dubbing tracks.
  • Vocal modulation features with pitch, tone correction, 5 band equalizer settings.
  • Professional setting with a sturdy wooden construction for superior sound quality.
VocoPro DVD-Duet Karaoke Machine

Awesome set of features and voice control options, plays any and every format as long as it is in the form of a cassette or disc, 80 watt speaker output.

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