Some Unique Karaoke Experiences From Around The World

With World Championships and crazy theme based ideas circulating around the globe there are few truly unique and drastic departures in the world of karaoke experiences gracing the world. Some of them are a sign of development and growth of society, while others are a step forward for the future of karaoke. Here are the top three unique karaoke experiences from around the world for 2013.

North Dorest, England: 12-Hour Karaokethon

Budding singers, Patrick Eblett and Sue Maidment, DJ of Give Us a Go Karaoke Martin Evans together held a 12 hour karaoke marathon in an attempt to raise money for charity. In a Yeovil pub, the karaokethon kicked off with a lot of gusto recently raising money for an outfit called, The Flying Colours Appeal. Old and young, age being no bar, people gathered in the pub on September 21st helping raise money for the Somerset and Dorset Air Ambulance. The event was successful in generating £484.80 that was graciously topped up to a perfect £500 by Mark Hutchings, pub landlord, which is to be evenly split between two charities. After the event, the organizer, Patrick Eblett raised an additional £128 from the residents of Rusty Well Caravan Park.

Kabul, Afghanistan: Kabul Karaoke

A country ravaged by war, iron rule and fatwas, Afghanistan is slowly recuperating after years of turmoil and a shining example of its slow return into normality is Kabul where nightlife has slowly started to emerge. Latest talk of the town is yet another excellent example of the modernization of the city – Kabul Karaoke is a buffet styled restaurant that sports a backroom for customers who wish to try their hand at karaoke. A collection of Afghani, Arabic and western songs are on offer to interested night owls on neon-lit stages. While one sings his heart out a bartender remains on the side ready to serve up energy drinks and fresh juice. In a country where alcohol is illegal, where shariat law was the norm up until now, Kabul Karaoke is a refreshing sight beckoning the tentative change in society.

Ikebukuro Toshima, Tokyo, Japan: Karaoke no Tetsujin

For Anime lovers, nothing beats an experience of Japan but if you happen to love karaoke too then head down to Ikebukuro. The Karaoke no Tetsujin currently hosts a special Diabolik Lovers karaoke room, which will be available till December 1st. This room features the complete sound track from the anime franchise with drinks along the line of its special characters and gigantic murals of all the anime characters staring disapprovingly at you as you try to blare your voice out. A total of four songs are on offer, one character song, two from the game and one taken directly from the series. All drinks are priced at around 500 yen or $5 and come with a take-home special coaster. Weekends that correspond with the full moon add an even more special drink with a different coaster.

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