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Get the karaoke party started with the Singing Machine SML-385 disco light show. Excellent for kids and teens, this karaoke machine plays disco lights alongside karaoke tracks and hooks with your television to play the lyrics, dual microphones for recreating some of the greatest duet songs in history. It features a top loading disc player that lets you quickly swap CDs and comes with 2 LED digital CDG track indicators, an audio auxiliary, output and input, auto voice control, echo and pitch correction and AC power operations. To get started straight out of the box, you also get one microphone and a CD-G sampler. It comes with an AC adapter, RCA cables and an instruction manual.

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The Singing Machine SML-385 doesn’t interface with an iPod, music player or tablet but it does play CDG karaoke discs. All you need is a television to display the lyrics and the karaoke machine will take care of the rest. The dual microphone inputs each have their set of volume and echo controls while auto voice control takes care of leveling out pitch and correcting tone as and when necessary. The echo feature creates a minor feedback in the voice adding depth and resonance to the background. It also features a multiplex control that helps distinguish between the music and vocals when required. The best thing about this karaoke machine is that it is kids friendly.


Other than the absence of a display or screen, the Singing Machine SML-385 is totally self-reliant. If you have a television in sight, then you can enjoy a full karaoke session. The karaoke machine isn’t heavy either although it is shaped like a professional speaker with plenty of buttons on top. Just remember to carry the RCA cables along.

All-in-all, the weight and size makes it ideal for kids since they can take it along on camping trips, nights at their friends and keep it in their room, provided they have a tiny television of their own for the lyrics.

Additional Buyer’s Information:

The disco lights cannot be turned off and the included microphone is of a low quality. Investing into a pair of good quality microphones won’t be a bad either at all.

It also comes in a full white version with disco lights that has a more kids appeal to it. The Singing machine SML-385W only differs in its aesthetics otherwise all features remain the same.

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Durability is never a concern with Singing Machine and the SML-385 is no different. This karaoke machine while lacking some features doesn’t compromise in terms of ruggedness. The outer surface might be plastic but the construction is sturdy enough to handle a few bumps and bruises. Even the top loading CD player design works to its favor as it stays safe during falls.

Singing Machine SML-385

Singing Machine SML-385


Just CD+G playback is not a good thing but at least the Singing Machine SML-385 comes with dual microphones and individual echo and volume controls. Add to this the Auto Voice Control feature for novice teen karaoke singers and you get a moderately versatile karaoke player. Nevertheless, I don’t think kids will need much more than what the SML-385 offers.


This portable karaoke machine lacks a display screen but otherwise does an impressive job. The Singing Machine SML-385 might lack the greatest specifications but for families or kids who just want to enjoy their karaoke, it has enough. It takes at most 5 minutes to setup, load a CD and begin singing. Available at an excitingly low price, the SML-385 is a perfect family oriented portable karaoke player.

  • One microphone included with a free CD+G sampler disc.
  • Can accommodate two microphones with individual volume controls.
  • A top loading disc player lets you swap CDs on the fly.
  • The front packs in a set of disco lights for the full party effect.
  • Audio auxiliary input and output, full CDG karaoke system.
  • Auto Voice controls, Balance and Echo features.
Singing Machine SML-385

Wicked disco lights for a party atmosphere, easy to use and equally good for kids and adults.

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