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Who needs a karaoke bar when you have the Singing Machine SML-383? This petite karaoke machine comes with disco lights, pre-loaded tracks and a vertical loading CD compartment bay. It even accepts dual microphone support that gives an impressive duet experience. Each microphone input comes with its own set of volume master controls to create the perfect harmony between difference vocals. Add to this the auto voice control technology that balances out missing vocals, adjusting echo and other aspects for a realistic performance and you get a karaoke machine that helps sing better. The SML-383 also features a built in speaker system although it lacks a display screen.

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Quite frankly what do you expect from a home karaoke machine? The ability to handle multiple users, give a fulfilling experience without costing too much? All this and more is present in the SML-383. Dual mic support, karaoke CD player, mp3 support, Auto Voice Control, disco lights, simple controls, decent construction, great quality and a lightweight body makes it suitable for all ages. Your entire family can use this machine without any need for parental supervision.


If it wasn’t for the lack of display I would have probably given it a full five star rating. The Singing Machine SML-383 packs in a decent speaker, good volume controls and dual microphone support so as long as you find a television screen to display the lyrics you can use this karaoke machine anywhere.

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The CD player is probably the only chink in its armor. Because of its vertical loading mechanism and the use of cheap plastics, expect it to be the first thing to go south. Irritating noises, unwanted echo are a couple of things to beware of if you use old CDs or the player has begun deteriorating.

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Considering the price tag, I was surprised that there were so many complaints about its durability. First of all, at under $100 you really should not be expecting a machine to totally blow you out of your minds. Secondly, this is designed to be used by teens or a family, which means it will be abused a little. In short, I won’t advise taking this if durability and construction rate higher over fun and performance at a decent price tag.

Singing Machine SML-383

Singing Machine SML-383


Three things make the Singing Machine SML-383 pretty versatile. To start with it is the dual microphone setup that allows for amazing duets, then the decently powered speakers that are alright for an average living room and finally the ability to source directly from mp3 players.


In conclusion I must say that the Singing Machine SML-383 has a decent quality at such an affordable price. If you get a choice of investing just $50 and enjoying a wild night of karaoke with your entire family or friends then wouldn’t you do so? Best of all, this karaoke machine comes with pre-included CDs to get started immediately. In short, if its only about singing for fun then the SML-383 is an excellent home karaoke machine.

  • Wired microphone and a sampler karaoke disc included in packaging.
  • Disco balls throw disco lights when a karaoke track is played.
  • Vertically loading CD compartment to play music and karaoke tracks.
  • Portable ultra-lightweight karaoke system.
  • Can accept two microphones in tandem, each with its own set of volume master controls.
Singing Machine SML-383 Karaoke Machine

Good family entertainment, decent speakers and alright performance.

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