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The Singing Machine SMD-572 lets you review your singing as it has a Karaoke Vision-Color video camera that records every single moment of your singing session. However, you will need a VCR to record the practice session and play it back. It comes with auto voice control and digital key control, and what’s more you can sing duets as there are 2 microphone jacks included. The built-in amplifier and tower speaker give optimum output, and you can playback or record sessions using the USB/SD/MMC card slots provided for MP3. You don’t need to carry your music notes on paper as the 7–inch LCD screen built-in monitor lets you refer to the lyrics on screen itself. You also have built-in equalizer with Bass medium and treble level controls. The top is removable, and the main unit can be detached to convert the pedestal into a handy table-top unit. You can record your performances on USB or even MMC/SD card in the easy to play MP3 format and share them instantly with your family or friends by shooting them across via e-mail or posting online.

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The Singing Machine SMD-572 is not like any other small karaoke machine that just lets you sing along. It comes with dual microphones that let you sing duets. The most important feature is probably the various playback formats like CD/DVD/CDG/CR-R/CD-RW/DVDRW/DVDR/MP3/JPEG that let you review your performance constantly with ease. It comes with a CDG sampler and a video camera that lets you play back your recordings by connecting to a VCR. The 7-inch LCD screen lets you read the lyrics as you sing along without having to fumble with hard copy notes.


The unit has a removable top and the main unit can be detached, making carrying it around very easy. The Singing Machine SMD-572 weighs just 21 pounds, making it all the more convenient as it is portable. However, if it is required for professional purposes and not for home practice sessions, the unit can be installed at the desired place and used. This is not a great choice for kids and cannot be lugged around by them on their own. The unit is best left in one place where it needs to be used.

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The Singing Machine SMD-572 is handy and is great for carrying along with you for performing at wedding ceremonies or even for singing at funerals. You can easily plug this onto your MP3 player and use it outdoors to entertain guests. Let’s you connect extra speakers according to the venue and increase the sound and have a blast. You might find difficulty in finding the right track in the CD that you load, as it does not automatically reach the track you are seeking.

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The unit is quite sturdy and built to last. Like all electronic gadgets, this one too needs to be handled with care and there is nothing that can go wrong with it. The microphone is not of the desired quality, and you may want to replace it with a better quality one in order to get best results. The speakers too are of mediocre quality, and one needs to see how long they will last, and how well they perform on a long-term basis.

Singing Machine SMD-572

Singing Machine SMD-572


The unit’s versatility is probably the best feature that it possesses. You can attach additional speakers or connect the unit to a stereo to get better sound effects. The Singing Machine SMD-572 has the capacity to play DVDs, which is a major advantage that lets you review your performance and make improvements wherever necessary. You can invite your friends and family and play your recordings on a HD projector. You can also post clippings of your recordings online and have a whole lot of friends watch you performing.


The unit is not simple enough to be tagged as a kids-only product. However, it cannot be considered something that can be used by professionals as, the quality of the microphone and speaker are not really up to the mark. It has several interesting features though, like the slot for USB/SD/MMC that lets you play your recordings or share them with friends any time you want. You can use the Singing Machine SMD-572 for playing your CD/CD+G/DVD, and it comes with a handy remote control and a CD+G sampler that adds to the overall value. This piece, however, does not include the pedestal, and you may have to make your own arrangements when going out to perform.

  • Comes with a handy memory slot for USB/SD/MMC, which is great as you can playback at leisure and improve performance
  • Has a record function in MP3 format. Very advantageous as it plays CD/DVD/CDG/CR-R/CD-RW/DVDRW/DVDR/MP3/JPEG
  • Convenient remote control, that too with full function, comes with 2 jacks for microphones and is great for singing duets
  • Lets you share and post your performances with friends and family through e-mail and post social media sites
  • Color LCD screen with a built-in 7-inch monitor lets you read your lyrics as you sing along
Singing Machine SMD-572 Karaoke

Memory card slot helps record sessions in mp3 format

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    kathy Planinsek February 16, 2018 at 6:28 pm

    need a instruction book…Turns on..then off….help please

    • Reply
      Scott Gantt November 10, 2018 at 6:20 am

      I don’t have anything but the karaoke machine and pedestal . If you have the power cord could I get the specs on i so I can buy the right one? (Model #, 12v, etc)


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