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The Pyle-Pro PWMA930I is not just a karaoke player but also a powerful wireless dual way PA system ideal for large events and parties. Thanks to its wireless system, it is easy to move around and use. It comes with a iPod dock that streams music and 8 inch large speakers for utmost gusto. The included microphone operates up to a distance of 100 feet. It also features castor wheels and telescopic handles for portability operating from a rechargeable battery. Wherever available plug in the AC adaptor and use it directly as the batteries charge. LED light indicators inform you about power levels and juice left. It comes with an array of controls such as bass, treble controls, echo and a few sound effects with plenty of input points for CD, MP3 players, guitars, external audio devices and more. As you play directly from your iPod, it also gets charged so you never stop listening to it. Designed for worldwide use, it operates between 110Volt and 60Hz to 220Volt and 50Hz.

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Upfront, you may think the Pyle-Pro PWMA930I is a karaoke system but it is actually not designed for karaoke. The truth is that it is a portable speaker and PA system with high power output that can double as a karaoke player for large gatherings or parties. The multiple input points allow it to act as such but don’t get your hopes high of streaming video from this thing onto the screen unless you use an external CD or DVD player connected to it and in turn with the television. Alternatively, if your iPod can display lyrics from karaoke tracks then you could use it as a karaoke machine. Other than this, it does appear to be a high quality professional PA system with decent construction and durability.


No complaints here, Pylo-Pro went the whole nine yards in ensuring portability with castor wheels, collapsible handle and a design that makes it easy to drag behind. Even the wireless nature of the microphones aid it in this respect although you have to carry an iPod or CD player to play karaoke tracks.

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While the docking mechanism is for iPods, it will not interface with iPhones and iTouch devices or any other mp3 player. You will have to use the 3.5mm input to use these devices. Also, for karaoke, the tracks must be devoid of lyrics as the machine will not remove them and you have to use a CD player to hook with a television so it isn’t a self-sufficient professional karaoke player.

The hissing sound that many reviewers have observed is most evident when the speakers are on at high volume without any music on.

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While folks have complained about a slight hissing sound, no one has yet said that the unit doesn’t last over a year. The speakers, microphones and everything else on this machine is designed for longevity so this will be the last of your worries.

Pyle-Pro PWMA930i Karaoke

Pyle-Pro PWMA930i Karaoke


The versatility of the Pyle-Pro PWMA930I is totally dependent on how you plan to use it. As a PA system and portable speaker, it is super versatile but as a karaoke player, which is of particular interest to me, it is not as I had expected. The fact that you can’t play karaoke directly using this machine kind of limits its powers.


As far as professional karaoke machines go the Pyle-Pro PWMA930I lacks many important features such as an inherent CD/DVD player but it more than makes up with its components style setup. If you can stream karaoke from an external source into this PA system, the wireless microphone, superior sound quality and experience makes for a really loud and impressive karaoke event.

  • Can charge iPods with the docking system, interfaces with auxiliary devices.
  • Uses rechargeable power packs other than an AC adapter for portability.
  • 1 Audio input, one guitar and dual microphone inputs.
  • 2-way 600 Watt PA system with LED lights for low power and on/off status.
  • Comes with a male and female stereo adapter of 6.35mm and 3.5mm respectively.
  • One VHF microphone included free.
Pyle-Pro PWMA930i PA/Karaoke System

Good quality, loads of power and plenty of voice modulation controls.

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