Professional Karaoke Machines

Professional karaoke machines, as the name suggests are for serious performers. It is not necessary that you purchase a pro system only if you own a pub or bar. Even home users with tenacity to sing day in and day out can enjoy thoroughly with professional systems. In short, these machines are the top of the line offerings that are unmatched in their power output, sound quality, and overall experience.

They usually come as component systems, something like stereo receivers and have to integrate with a home theater system. Many of these karaoke machines actually come with a huge database of tracks and can take on more through expansion slots, CDs or DVDs or even directly from the internet.


Professional units may or may not offer a high degree of connectivity. Those with a huge built-in database usually allow expansion slots only. A few even provide the ability to dock your iPod, use flash drives and more. Similarly, for output, you may get HDMI, Stereo, RCA and other outputs. Having all these connections does help especially if you wish to operate a commercial karaoke outlet.

Professional units come with pitch control, echo, equalizers and more. All of this is usually built into the machine and helps fine tune the singer’s tone to match with that of the song. Voice modulation is a must with professional units.

You don’t have to worry about quality of a pro unit, they are usually expensive for a reason and will offer a mesmerizing experience. What you do need to worry about is the power output. If you plan on using a professional system in a commercial backdrop, ensure that it has the right kind of amplifiers to power your professional speakers, the right playback features for the large screen LCD and so on.

Find the Professional Karaoke Machine you need:

VocoPro DVD-Duet Karaoke Review

Not everyone wants a cheap easy to use karaoke machine and it is for such folks, the VocoPro DVD-Duet is designed. 80 Watt output from four speakers with a wooden base, dual cassette player, DVD and CD player, double microphone inputs and loads of voice control features gives it the tag of an affordable professional karaoke machine.

2 Acesonic KM-112 Karaoke Review

Acesonic KM-112 Karaoke Review

With a reliable and multi-pronged karaoke sound mixer such as the Acesonic KM-112 Karaoke Mixer, it is possible for even amateurs to master the art of sound mixing, be it your favorite iPod tracks, or an electrifying live guitar performance.

3 Singing Machine iSM1028Xa Review

Singing Machine iSM1028Xa Review

At first glance, the Singing Machine iSM1028Xa appears to be a mini-stage that encourages one to sing their heart out but it is more than just that. Loads of power, plenty of settings and controls, a clear screen and ample amount of playback features coupled with complete portability makes this a professional portable karaoke.

4 VocoPro Jamcube 2 Karaoke Review

VocoPro Jamcube 2 Karaoke Review

VocoPro has unveiled its state-of-the-art Karaoke System, a confluence of professional karaoke controls and features, infused with the ease of operation and versatility that one expects from a decent entertainment unit. So no matter how good or bad a singer you are, the VocoPro Jamcube 2 will aid in synchronizing all your performances, drawing in loud cheers from your

5 Akai KS 886 Review

Akai KS 886 Review

Priced rather conservatively for a professional karaoke machine, the Akai KS-886 sells out quick because of its impressive performance and features. Hurry before stocks run out again!

6 Pyle-Pro PWMA930i Karaoke Review

Pyle-Pro PWMA930i Karaoke Review

The Pyle-Pro PWMA930I is a wireless PA system that doubles as a professional karaoke machine as long as you have the right set of hardware lying around. This limits its portability but improves its overall sound quality and reliability. 600 Watts or raw power with wireless microphone support makes it superior by miles.

7 Singing Machine SMD-572 Review

Singing Machine SMD-572 Review

The Singing Machine SMD-572 is an amazing karaoke machine that lets you practice with ease. No need for fumbling with music notes as the lyrics appear on a handy 7-inch LCD screen, letting you concentrate more on the singing. You can connect the unit to a VCR, review your performance and improvise or improve as required. The digital key control, auto voice control, built-in tower speaker and amplifier are some extra features.

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