Professional Karaoke Machine Buyer’s Guide

Either you are a diehard karaoke fan and take part in regular karaoke competitions or you have a bar/pub to run that offers karaoke to its clients if you are interested in professional karaoke machines. Either ways, you are definitely not interested in learning about standard options or features rather a more concentrated look on extra stuff that only professional karaoke machines have to offer. Naturally, this buying guide will focus on a few specific things that make a professional player really stand out.

Buyer’s Guide Table of Contents:

Microphone Inputs

To call anything a professional karaoke instrument, it must provide both the quarter inch jack and larger professional jacks for microphone inputs. In fact, it must have multiple inputs to qualify as a professional unit.

Separate Volume Controls

True professional karaoke players all have separate control units for the volume on each microphone. This is necessary for balancing out difference in voice strength of different singers singing together.

Large Storage Space

When you pay a lot of money for something that can make singing so amazing, it better have a lot of space to pack in songs from the past and those doing great in the present. Usually, pro units come with large hard drives or flash storage plus expansion slots or ability to connect external hard drives of phenomenal storage space.

Key Changer

This feature helps change keys in a music by ½ step increments or decrements. When a professional karaoke machines says it can do 19 steps, it means 8 lower and 8 higher steps with one normal step in between. Watch out for this number because higher it is, better the professional player.

Pitch Control

Pitch helps speed up or slow down the song and it is this together with the pitch that helps karaoke lovers sing in tandem and give a realistic experience.

Echo/Reverb Control

The Echo control helps in making flat singers sound more richer or fuller. It helps hide imperfections and convert speakers into singers. This is what your karaoke establishment needs to attract a steady stream of awful singers but excellent customers.

Repeat And Delay Features

Repeat lets you make specific lines repeat a particular number of time and delay puts in an echo on the voice that lets you repeat with a certain echoed delay in it. Together they are essential in high-end professional karaoke machines.

Vocal Partner

Not something necessary in a professional machine but it is required if you are holding competitions. Vocal Partner basically vanishes the helping lyrics from the screen as long as the singer hits the lines with perfection but it appears the moment the singer misses a beat or line to give a helping hand.

Graphic Equalizers

This is probably the easiest of all professional karaoke machine features to understand. It comes on only a few mixers and machines allowing customers to adjust music quality as per their needs.

RF Video Output

Typically all component karaoke players come with PCA jacks for the video output however, professional players come with RF inputs capable of sending signals both ways. This is necessary as it lets the karaoke machine communicate with the television and find out its model, make, aspect size and other features automatically.

Treble And Bass Controls

Bass helps improve the lower end of voice and music while treble works on the opposite end of the spectrum. Together they present a way to impact on a karaoke performance by helping mask bad singing and exaggerating awesome performances.

US Versus European Considerations

In North America, NTSC is the default television format and 110 Volt is the norm while in Europe it is PAL format and 220 Volts. Be careful when purchasing professional karaoke players and make sure they meet the standards of your place of operation.

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