Portland’s Karaoke Scene In Its Full Blossom

Facebook, YouTube videos and news clippings all suggest the same thing about Portland – it is the newest Karaoke hub of the United States. It seems this city has become some kind of karaoke paradise with so many karaoke bars around, plenty of song choices and freakishly awesome selection of tracks, some that you will probably never find anywhere else.

Visit Portland and you will find karaoke bars riddled along its many neighbourhoods. Over dozens of such night bars with various themes, parties and events being organized every day of every week, Portland seems to have enough for karaoke lovers. Visit the comedy clubs, secluded bars and Chinese restaurants for these places too have an impressive collection of karaoke feat. Devils Point, situated out of Portland downtown hosts a Stripparaoke night where strippers dance to your song on the pole as you fight hard to keep in sync with the lyrics. Or if you like something more sober but out of the book then visit the Alibi Tiki Lounge that prides itself as the Original Tiki Bar in Portland. You will find some or the other karaoke performance going on from the moment you walk in till the time you decide to call it a night.

The karaoke atmosphere in Portland is so much different from other places because it is all about showmanship rather than singing out sweet and great. In fact, Portland karaoke lets you explore the silly side of your nature, something that people are usually very restrictive about in many other places. Chopsticks III is a perfect example of showmanship and silliness all rolled into one. This Karaoke lounge might look normal to onlookers but step inside and you are transported into Neverland. With puppets singing to tunes, puppeteers performing live acts while balancing tone and syncing to the music, you will have a wild time just laughing and singing along with the puppet act.

Karaoke From Hell is a live band in Portland that started out nearly 20 years ago as karaoke amateurs. Today, they hold live concerts and performances singing karaoke like never before seen. Portland has long thrown away the quintessential image of a karaoke lover who is all about impersonating popular singers. Instead, people in Portland love performing, showcasing their talents and entertaining rather than just having a good time. Its all about impressing the audience and having a blast at it.

In fact, Portland has got more bands than any other town in the country. Many folks are even part of two or three bands and still have enough left to enjoy karaoke nights with their friends and family. Actually, it is this trend of rising musicians in Portland that has seen the karaoke stage explode. With so many frustrated performers in the city, they need a place to vent their frustration, gain recognition and wind down – karaoke bars provide the perfect outlet.

Another reason for Portland’s affinity towards Karaoke is probably its Japanese connection. With over 140 companies of a Japanese orientation settled in Portland, it is no wonder that Karaoke is so famous here.

Something that you will find everywhere in Portland, whether you come for its famous Karaoke experience or otherwise is that no one is in a hurry with their life. It is all about chilling, having a good time and enjoying life to the fullest. No one is here in Portland because they have aspirations to get rich. It is more about following your passion in Portland. Portlanders are basically folks who have deep passions and love art, music and creativity above everything else. Karaoke is only one of the outlets among many that Portland offers for such likeminded gentlemen and the ladies.

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