Portable Karaoke Machines

All portable karaoke units are self-contained. They usually have their own speakers and amplifiers, some in fact come with their own monitor to display the lyrics. These karaoke machines are usually user-friendly and convenient. Two major considerations with portable machines are sound quality and power because of its self-contained nature. Remember that with component or non-portable units you can always upgrade the power and improve quality as and when necessary but with portable karaoke machines you are stuck with what you purchase. If you want something better you have to replace the entire unit.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Portable Karaoke Machines:

Usually the wattage clearly defines the volume, clarity and sound quality of the karaoke machine. You will find portable units that deliver as little as 5 watts up to a whopping 300 watts. Remember that a 5 watt increment isn’t substantial but a 15 watt increment is. Hence, when trying to decide the optimum output range, look at increments of 15 to 20 watts. Thankfully, portable units with around 60 to 90 watt output come for less than $200 and are quite reliable.

The crux of any portable unit is its sound quality because they come with built-in speakers. Quite naturally, expect an average experience from portable units. If you are truly interested in superior sound quality, get a portable unit that can interface with separate speaker components.

All portable units feature some sort of monitor onboard to display the lyrics. This is the defining feature of a portable karaoke machine. However, it is not necessary that the screen will play videos. Usually lower end portables have a tiny screen that can read lyrics from karaoke tracks but can’t play videos or images in the background.

Read our Reviews and Find the Portable Karaoke Machine you need:

Electrohome EAKAR770 Karaoke Review

A completely self-sustained home karaoke machine, the Electrohome EAKAR770 is well designed, stylish and sleek. It also plays mp3, CD+G and has a screen to display lyrics. Learn as you sing with this machine as it helps you remember lyrics and also modulate voice in real time to help you alter your voice to mimic the pros.

2 Emerson GF-829 Karaoke Review

Emerson GF-829 Karaoke Review

Almost the perfect portable karaoke player thanks to amazing performance and jam-packed futuristic features. You can't go wrong with this Emerson product.

3 Karaoke USA GF829 Review

Karaoke USA GF829 Review

7 Inch TFT screen, ability to play major karaoke formats and source directly from SD card and USB, the Karaoke USAGF829 is a self-sufficient karaoke machine that boasts of quality and versatility. It is a machine that anyone would love to own, gift, handle and use for years to come. Astonishingly light and durable, its great for kids, adults and teens.

User rating:
4 Akai KS 886 Review

Akai KS 886 Review

Spectacular is the word that aptly describes the Akai KS 886. At this price, you just won’t find another super versatile, feature rich, compact dependable performer on the market. Screen, speakers, microphone and CD player packed, is it a complete entertainment centre or is it a karaoke player with plenty of extras? You be the judge of that.

5 Emerson SD-512 Karaoke Review

Emerson SD-512 Karaoke Review

Compact, affordable and not really cutting edge but at least it is loads of fun. Completely self-sufficient it also happens to be totally portable too.

6 Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Review

Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Review

Compact and portable, the Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 is an affordable, simple-to-use karaoke machine that an average user would certainly appreciate. It works on batteries and AC power, plays music, videos, karaoke, radio and has a color TFT LCD screen that even displays DVD movies in good clarity.