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Monster High currently provides 4 different types of karaoke players, each with differing costs and features but of most interest is the Pink self-sustained unit that comes with a 5 inch black and white monitor, 20 track memory, echo and balance effects, front loading disc player, auto voice control, built-in camera, dual microphone jacks and a speaker system. The design ought to entice youngsters, especially kids with a particular knack of singing although its pink attire makes it a girl’s choice.

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It runs on batteries and doesn’t require anything to play karaoke other than a child holding the mic. The Monster High Kids Karaoke machine might target the younger ages but its features are at par with many leading karaoke brands that make professional to portable machines. A display screen, CD player, built-in speakers and dual mic support with special voice control such as echo, balance, auto voice control and more makes it a special gift for kids with a knack for singing.


While almost all kids karaoke machines are portable by design, the Monster High karaoke player is probably the pick of them all for its really lightweight construction. Yes, it does mean that this player won’t be as durable as some of the others but at least it is easier to carry around. Add to this the fact that it can work on batteries and you have a karaoke that children will love to take on weekend visits to their grandparents, camping and just about anywhere in the world.

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There are 4 different karaoke players available from Monster High Portable Karaoke Machine on and each differs in its features as well as price. The one being reviewed here has a screen and built-in speakers costing just under $120. Be careful when ordering this machine as most of the complaints from users is on false advertisement. Fact is that it is easy to accidentally purchase the wrong model, so take your time and ensure you choose the Monster High PINK karaoke machine.

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Like I mentioned before, the Monster High loses out in terms of durability. Totally plastic to reduce the weight, it isn’t designed keeping the rash handling expected from the targeted age group. Having said that, I believe that it can handle a few bumps and bruises although dropping it flat on the ground may just do the trick if you finally get tired of all the screaming and ear-shattering stuff.

Monster High Karaoke

Monster High Karaoke


No questions about it, the Monster High’s self-sufficient Pink Karaoke player is the most versatile option for kids and this is a major reason why it costs more than the other kids machines. With a bag full of CD+G discs, any kid will love honing their vocal skills for hours on this machine.


In my opinion, this is the best option in the market for kids. Some might say that it isn’t durable enough for young kids but I believe, even the most rugged machines fall flat in the hands of a child so why bother spending an additional $100 just for something more rugged. You can save the same and buy the Monster High Portable machine, hope it lasts for at least six months and then get another one with a newer warranty and replacement offer.

  • CD+G compatible and connects with an external television.
  • Built-in speakers with 5 inch black and white monitor for displaying lyrics.
  • One microphone included, dual mic support with individual master controls.
  • Auto Volume control, echo and balance options.
Monster High Karaoke Machine

Great for kids, 5 inch large screen, good playback features and dual microphone support.

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