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Singing in the seclusion of your shower might suffice for most but there are those who are a bit more adventurous and won’t mind giving it a go on a slightly grander stage. The MicroKY Duostar Portable Karaoke isn’t anything like the real stage live on a Friday night but it comes closest to it with a massive database of over 5000 songs and impressive controls. The entire database is available at MicroKY website that contains many aged songs and a few from the past five years that were popular. But this beauty doesn’t just stop at playing karaoke, it does much more with the ability to take in a USB drive, play MP3 and even show pictures or videos in the background. Granted the 5000 songs won’t meet the requirements of all and for such folks it comes with 6 expansion slots that takes in even more karaoke tracks via expansion packs available for purchase separately. Two wireless mics with their docks and a multimedia remote makes the MicroKY Duostar an awesome choice for karaoke parties. In fact, it provides an opportunity for duets and because of the availability of HDMI and RCA ports, you can wire up to a conventional audio and television setup for a crisper and grander performance akin to that of a live stage.

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Before I elaborate on the features, you must know that the MicroKY Duostar isn’t a self-sufficient karaoke machine although it is portable and because of this I have categorized it under the Home Karaoke Machines. You need a monitor or television to view the lyrics as it lacks a display of its own. However, having said that I do feel that this is one of the top quality karaoke players on the market with an impressive 5000 song database that depending on the time of your purchase will have the latest tracks. The wireless profile gives it a lot more impetus as you no longer have to worry about cables and all operations are possible via the multimedia remote and wireless mics. Sound quality is a bit poor as it feels like MIDI files rather than listening to DVDs or CDs but this is fine as long as you don’t plan on hosting professional competitions.


No doubts here, the MicroKY Duostar Portable karaoke is definitely highly portable with its compact nature and wireless operations. With the sleek leather carry bag that packs in the entire unit along with the songs book, it is super easy to transport to a friend’s place or the school auditorium but don’t expect taking this on camping trips as it lacks a display.

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You won’t find anywhere specifically the kind of voice modeling features offered on the MicroKY Duostar but here is a sneak peak at all its amazing voice features. To start with, it offers a full octave and tone modulation for men and women separately that lets you precisely set your voice up depending on the song. Add to this the pitch, equalizer and simpler settings such as delay, echo and others, you get a near professional experience in the comfort of your house.

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MicroKY Duostar might be expensive for many but there is a reason behind this. It is blessed with a great warranty, awesome construction and durable operations. In fact, anyone who owns this space saucer shaped karaoke machine will vouch for its longevity, it is as rugged as a professional karaoke player that will last a decade if used properly.

MicroKY DuoStar KHM500 Karaoke

MicroKY DuoStar KHM500 Karaoke


Is it versatile enough? Well, many who want a professional karaoke experience aren’t really concerned about what else it can do. The MicroKY Duostar can read from a USB connection provided it is in an appropriate format and can take in expansion kits to grow the song database even further but other than this it isn’t all that versatile. However, I believe this is a good thing as all its energy and technology goes in making it rugged and superior in quality.


Not exactly the top-of-the-line, MicroKY Duostar Portable Karaoke manages to pack in plenty of professional features in a compact frame to reproduce a bar quality experience without costing too much. An excellent database, expansion ability and loads of features ought to keep even the most ardent of karaoke critics happy for hours. As long as you keep updating your karaoke tracks with the latest hits, this machine will keep your vocal cords happy for a long time to come.

  • Large 5000 song database spanning over various genres and 6 expansion slots for additional space.
  • Play competitive karaoke rounds with real time score display for duets.
  • Streams data directly from USB flash drives and also records live performances as MP3 onto an external USB drive.
  • Built-in screen displays lyrics and can even source background videos or pictures from a USB drive.
  • HDMI and RCA input helps in expanding onto a home theatre system with a large screen television, wireless operations with multimedia remote and wireless microphones.
MicroKY Duostar KHM500 Karaoke Machine

Easy to set up, good quality and durable with a long life span. Plenty of inbuilt songs too.

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