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Nothing can possibly get closer to the Magic Sing ET15K in terms of portability. Every control feature is hardwired into the remote with a base that doubles as a receiver unit and hard drive, it requires external speakers and a screen to play karaoke. As such, I won’t tag it as a portable unit, rather a compact home solution with over 2000 songs packed inside and easy to use features. Because of its component based setup, the quality entirely depends on what you connect with it. At just around $150, it is affordable and reliable too. The USB port lets you connect flash drives or to a computer and play tracks directly without the voice overlay. It comes with a leather carrying case, AC Adapter, song booklet and USB cord.

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Considering its really compact component nature, I wasn’t expecting a lot of features but what I got was definitely way better than a PS3 or Xbox karaoke experience. The remote control microphone isn’t wireless as the pictures lead you to believe and I did feel the base and mic together had a flimsy construction but as far as features go, it packs in lots of voice modulation options and has a decent sound quality. The USB and other port connections work fine although it doesn’t let you load background images from the USB, you can however stream music.


Can you get any more portable than the Magic Sing ET15K? Packed inside the convenient leather carry case, it is really tight and compact. This karaoke machine might not look intimidating but with all the controls inbuilt into the microphone you can make minute adjustments during a performance. It isn’t necessary anymore to travel heavy with lots of CDs, equipment or hefty boxes as long as there is a speaker setup and television screen where you are headed.

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The songs in its database are outdated and only a few are from the recent generation. You can get over this issue by adding in the latest tracks with new expansion packs but this won’t give you a true updated track list. In an effort to make the Magic Sing ET15K truly portable, they have sacrificed a lot in the song database and expansion ability.

Another thing you should be aware of is that it experiences a lag between the lyrics displayed on screen and the music if used with a modern HDTV probably because of the digital conversion that takes place but with a conventional television and stereo speaker setup, you won’t experience this.

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While I did mention earlier that the Magic Sing ET15K is a bit flimsy in its construction, it nevertheless doesn’t feel cheap. A friend of mine owns his ET15K for the past one year and hasn’t yet experienced any problems. In fact, the microphone remote works perfectly even today and with additional expansion packs, this machine doesn’t feel outdated at all.

Magic Sing ET15K Karaoke

Magic Sing ET15K Karaoke


The lack of a CD player and directly USB expansion is a bit of a concern to me but once you get used to the in-built track list and have a few expansion packs with you, the need to play CD-G formats disappears. Nevertheless, because of its exclusive karaoke experience, you won’t be able to do anything else with it so it isn’t the most versatile option around.


Unrivaled in terms of quality, no other karaoke machine can beat it for quality and portability. For a family who loves karaoke and likes taking their player around, the Magic Sing ET15K is an awesome choice. The best songs from the last two to three decades, expansion slots to add in your latest favorites and an awesome microphone with voice modulation settings makes it a perfect first timer investment. But don’t be dissuaded by its inexpensive price tag as the quality it offers is way better than what you will get from software karaoke players.

  • Total of 1945 built-in English songs and 4 chip expansion slots to add customized tracks.
  • Voice changer with 9 background true color themes.
  • Triple level scoring mechanism.
  • Microphone adjustment, echo, key and tempo controls.
  • USB cable, AC adapter, song booklet and sleek carrying case included along with the remote control microphone and receiver base unit.
Magic Sing ET15K Karaoke Machine

Petite frame with good quality components and a large database of popular songs, 4 expansion slots.

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