KWC 2013 – Karaoke World Championships, Lappeenranta, Finland

Karaoke aficionados, enthusiasts and diehard fanatics are eagerly waiting for 21st November when the Karaoke World Championships 2013 will kick off in Lappeenranta, Finland. This four day even to be held at the Holiday Club Saimaa will complete the ten year anniversary of a global competition that came out more out of passion than necessity.

Holiday Club Saimaa is one of Nothern Europe’s biggest entertainment spa and an ideal venue for a grand event such as this. The 2012 World Championships was held in Raquel Pando, Spain & Luis Boutin, Panama jointly in the month of December and sought entries from all over the world. This year, it is expected to double in size and in anticipations.

What Is KWC?

Karaoke World Championships or KWC provides a platform to the world’s best karaoke singers crowning one man and woman as the World Champions. This title based event has been annually organized since 2003.

Karaoke World Championship differs a lot from the average pub karaoke scene. This isn’t a talent show or a publicity stunt rather it is a global and serious competition for only top singers who can be compared with the greatest world performers. Over the ten years of its conception, KWC has gradually attained a name and glamour quotient for itself as the largest and most prestigious of all karaoke mega events in the world. From music lovers, to karaoke aficionados, this is the time of the year to gather together and bask in the only common factor – karaoke. With language no bar, age no bar, country no bar, the competition currently entertains entries from thirty countries.

The Past Championships

KWC was held in the tropical environment of Bangkok in the year 2007 following which it moved to Lahti in Finland for 2008 and 2009 in the luxurious Lahti Hall. For 2010, KWC moved over to Russia in the Forum Hall, Moscow. For 2011, it was time for an Irish twist as the event headed out to the picturesque countryside of Ireland. To commemorate the completion of ten years and a start of a new decade, this year, the competition heads back to Finland once more, where it all began in 2003.

How To Participate

Unfortunately, there is no possibility of a direct entry to this global event unless your country already hosts national trials for the Karaoke World Championships. KWC grants licenses to member countries based on the minimum criteria set by them. For countries without such a grant, contact KWC to find out more.

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