Killer Karaoke Takes Karaoke To Dizzying Madness

“American Idol meets Fear Factor, with lots of side effects mentioned at the end of stupid TV medicine commercials” – this is Steve-O describing Killer Karaoke for the Showrunner survey. The name says it all – you perform karaoke and hope you survive through various tortures set up by the host and his wacky team of maniacs and stunt professionals.

About The Show

Try maintaining a tone or note while being electrocuted and serving beverage, food to the host, well known crazy guy aka Jackass stuntman, Steve-O. That is Killer Karaoke in short. Vaguely based on the UK game show Sing if you Can, here six contestants are chosen for each show and then broken up into two groups, each facing 3 prelim rounds. At the start of the show, each contestant introduces himself to the audience and then he or she is told of the kind of challenges they will face during their karaoke performance. The only aim for a Killer Karaoke contestant is continue singing no matter what happens. Based on live studio audience popular vote the group winner from each round advances forward. The ultimate winner wins nearly $10,000 and gets a chance to feature in the Final Showdown episodes of future for a grand prize money.

The Challenges

As Steve-O explains it, challenges range from electrocution to dipping in ice cold water with snakes as bath companions. In total there are six challenges that every successful contestant has to face and hopefully perform a miraculous karaoke session.

Cactus Maze requires contestants to find their way through a small maze filled with balloons wearing a Velcro vest having cactus needles sticking out and a drunk goggle. They have to continue singing amidst bursting balloons, air horns and mini landslides. A subtle variation sees players wearing a protective vest and getting ravaged by attack dogs while they fight them off and sing simultaneously. Yet another challenge pits them against couple of 500 pound strip tease dancers displaying a performance of their own on their body. Head Case, Swamp Swing and Shock Therapy complete the six challenges.

Dumb But Addictive

New York Times has acknowledged Killer Karaoke as the greatest show on Television history. However, its intended more as a sarcastic pun rather than a face value comment. Steve-O and his bipolar disorder gives the show ample amount of energy, fun and at times astonishing moments. Then there are the whacky challenges designed to frighten back the voice into the larynx of contestants desperately trying to win a cool $10,000. Together, it is a weird but highly entertaining show. Quite frankly, the show has got zero informative or valuable experience. It is all about raw entertainment using the misfortunes of others. Consider America’s Funniest Home Videos and its disregard for pain caused to the unfortunate folks in the videos they aired, now multiply the effect hundred times to arrive closely to the hilarious and provocative appeal of Killer Karaoke.

The Killer Karaoke is definitely not something that you would record and watch again later but it is a show that has got plenty of immediate glamour quotient. With future seasons possibly bringing in celebrities, it will be much more entertaining. Who does not love watching famous people do ridiculous stuff?

September 16, 2013: A second season for the series has been planned to begin in 2014 with Mark McGrath replacing Steve-O as the host.

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