Kid’s Karaoke Machine Buyer’s Guide

The best part about being a kid is the lack of extra expectations. Yes, kids inherently want a lot of things but that is all to it. There isn’t any exaggeration of expectations or demand of quality or features and such things. As such a kid’s karaoke machine doesn’t have to be technologically the most advanced or the best product in the market, it simply needs to quench their thirst to sing like their idols do.

Buyer’s Guide Table of Contents:

In my search to find the best kid’s karaoke machines, I came across a major disadvantage posed by the industry. Any karaoke machine that has inherent flaws or is just too flimsily made is automatically tagged by the big sellers as a kid’s karaoke machine. In fact, the producers are able to bump up the prices ever so slightly by painting a catchy kid friendly design on the exterior without any concern for construction quality, sound output or even the overall karaoke experience delivered at the end of it all. So, this kid’s karaoke machine buying guide will concentrate on features that are usually found in low end machines categorically marketed towards children.


Quite naturally price is a major deciding factor you ought to look at when buying something for children. Understand that even Kevlar in the hands of kids will eventually meet its match. So, paying too much for a machine that is designed to handle abuse is not a guarantee of its longevity. What you must look at though is whether the price justifies its features and what other reviewers say.


The second most important consideration is the display on the karaoke player. It must show the lyrics clearly and not make kid’s squeeze their eyes in an effort to read the lines. A large screen, decent pixel count and clarity with low brightness is what you ought to be looking for.


Kids love taking their stuff along with them wherever they go and naturally they will want to carry their karaoke machine with them on camping trips, summer camp, friend’s house or even to the school. Hence, a kid friendly karaoke player must be ultra-portable or in other words, compact, have a mic, set of speakers and a display with a few songs hardwired into it. The ability to play video, DVD and even stream from USB is a good thing too.

Ease Of Use

This is a given with regards to kid’s karaoke machines. Children have a short attention span and aren’t great at tinkering with too many settings or options so basically a karaoke player has to be overtly easy to handle if children are to keep using it regularly. This is where a kid’s karaoke is so different from portable or self-sufficient professional karaoke players. They usually have only a few buttons that are self-explanatory and seldom any extras such as bass or treble control, echo reduction and so on. This is actually a good thing as kid’s can lose the plot, which is to have fun and enjoy themselves, if they are given too much control over the karaoke experience.

Good Warranty and Replacement Terms

I simply cannot believe the number of high profile karaoke machine manufacturers who have really appalling warranty policies. Product support is much more critical with kid’s karaoke players because they eventually break or get damaged and need repairs sooner than you expect. Warranty that covers major issues and allows for replacement within the first few months of purchase is a must.

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