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Brimming with plenty of entertaining and fun features, sleek and ultra-portable, the Karaoke USA GF829 isn’t your average karaoke machine. It is designed to meet the requirements of karaoke lovers who need all the features in a single offering. This portable gadget in fact, packs in a 7 inch TFT display screen for the lyrics and can stream live lyrics from any song as long as it is in a format that it can read. While the unit does come with over 300 pre-fed MP3G tracks, many will want to augment the collection with their own liking, which is simple as it takes DVD, CD-G and many other formats. Moreover, this unit can work as a conventional DVD player and with the auxiliary input accept gaming consoles as well as personal mp3 players. The cradle up front though is designed to accept iPods. For recording your individual karaoke adventures, it uses a SD card and with dual mic inputs that have individual pitch, tone and volume controls, you can do duets like the pros. An AV port lets you transfer the lyrics onto a larger screen and with speaker outs, you can even cradle the Karaoke USA GF829 to a full-fledged home theatre system.

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The Karaoke USA GF829 excels in the features department with a self-compliant setup that offers built-in amplifier/speaker, a screen with color display and dual microphones. The 8 feet cord length for each mic is an added advantage as you can hook up this karaoke machine to a home theater system and a television and convert your home into a karaoke hub. The basic voice modulation controls are there but the digital echo feature is what sets it apart. In fact, all of its specs work in tandem with hardly any bugs, something many older generation expensive karaoke machines for commercial use left a lot to be desired for.


Because of the built-in screen and speakers, microphones, it is completely portable. Moreover, at around 8 pounds, it isn’t exactly too heavy. Basically, this is a portable device that plays from USB, CD and DVD so you can carry it on road trips, college parties, backyard barbeques and much more.

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Because of its higher sensitivity to the microphones, the speakers tend to buzz a bit when you are not singing. This is not noticeable when you sing but is evident with an auxiliary speaker connection. The sensitivity can be reduced using the microphone controls and by tinkering with your speaker output.

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Astonishingly robust in construction, the Karaoke USA GF829 packs in plastic with wooden interiors and metallic frame that together make it a sturdy unit. In fact, the very first time I used it, a friend of mine mistakenly nudged it off the 3 inch high center table onto the floor. It survived the crash without a single scratch. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information readily available on this unit about the warranty and support but browsing through the manual did shed some light on this. It has a standard one year warranty, which basically means accidental damage isn’t covered. Nevertheless, in my research, I did not come across major issues from other owners with the GF-829.

Karaoke USA GF829

Karaoke USA GF829


From CD-G format to MP3-G and many more, the Karaoke USA GF829 plays every major karaoke format. It even streams directly from the USB connection, via SD card and can act as a VA system or a conventional entertainment hub, playing music, DVD movies and much more on its portable screen. Besides, the screen is vivid enough to read lyrics directly from commercially available karaoke CDs.


To get that true karaoke feeling, one no longer has to depend on Japanese imports that cost a lot. The Karaoke USA GF829 costs a fraction of its Japanese counterparts and has got plenty of features to satisfy even the most ardent of karaoke enthusiasts. Plenty of expansion ability, loads of control settings and a simple interface makes this an ideal machine for just about anyone.

  • Entertainment and Karaoke center with large 7 inch TFT display.
  • Works with SD cards and USB drives.
  • Can play only voice with no background music.
  • Comes with balance control features and digital echo reproduction.
  • Can interface with music players and gaming consoles.
  • Plays music, movies and DVDs.
Karaoke USA GF829 Machine

Completely portable with built in speakers and a screen, plays plenty of formats and acts as a standalone entertainment unit.

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