Karaoke Out In The Sea

Three slightly journalists clamber up on stage and try to pitch out The Beatle’s “Twist and Shout” only to be laughed off and guffawed at. Up next comes a young male passenger who croons a beautiful Frank Sinatra tune that gets the entire audience on its feet. Welcome to karaoke out in the sea, the crazy world of karaoke on cruise ships.

Karaoke astonishingly is a very popular activity on cruise ships. Many mainstream lines like the Carnival, Royal Caribbean and others actually hold regular karaoke sessions where passengers can sing their heart out and listen, laugh and have fun interacting creatively with fellow travelers. Granted these cruise ship karaoke sessions will not satisfy the aficionados, with most shipboard songbooks lacking the depth and level of sophistication found on the main land but cruise passengers, usually don’t want to miss out on any karaoke nights.

Best of all, based on the ship, there will be different sessions targeting different travelers. Family oriented sessions for family events, adult only sessions and youth activity program inclusive karaoke events for kids and teens.

Here is a brief look at what to expect on each mainstream line.


All Norwegian cruise ships have a dedicated space for karaoke, a prominent lounge area like the Bliss Ultra Lounge for the Norwegian Epic. Some even host private karaoke rooms. Keep a watch on adult and family karaoke events that are usually organized on an ad-hoc basis.

Royal Caribbean

Get a prominent lounge area on the shp like the On Air Lounge on Royal Promenade. All their Oasis and Freedom class ships also provide private karaoke booths to record your performance alongside grand stages.

Princess Cruises

All Princess ships have a dedicated lounge to karaoke and offers a unique “Princess Pop Star” program. They even have prizes for good singers and teens will love performing on commercial karaoke machines in the “Remix Teen Program”.


This luxury line offers late night karaoke usually held in the Luxe nightclub and Pulse nightclub on Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity respectively.


Disney cruises are designed for the whole family and as such karaoke is an integral part of the theme available in sports bars, family friendly Studio Sea, adult clubs and more. Kids will love the singing game on offer, “Krazy Karaoke”.


You will almost always find a regular karaoke event on most nights in a specific lounge. Additionally there are some passenger favorites such as Super Star Live Karaoke that offers over 100 songs to pick from, a true music star intro from the host and a live four piece, bass, drums, guitar and keyboards band with back-up live singers.

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