Karaoke Machine: An Ideal Gift For Kids

Buying a gift for someone is not always an easy task, especially when it is for kids. Kids these days are tech-savvy, gone are the days when gifting just a toy car or a Barbie doll was enough. In the age of X-boxes, play stations and cell phones, another wonderful idea of a gift is a karaoke machine.

Whether the kid has an inclination towards singing or not, karaoke machine is a lot of fun for kids of all age groups and makes a superb gift, more so because the entire family can enjoy it.

Things To Be Kept In Mind

If the child for whom you intend to buy the player belongs to an age group of 8 or 9 years or below, then getting a high-end model or a semi-professional machine will not be of any help because the child will not be able to make full utilization of it. For such children a basic karaoke machine with good sound quality and easy operation will suffice. But do not end up buying something too simple, which will not even feel like a karaoke machine when used. Make sure to choose the right one.

Whereas, on the other hand, if the gift is for children of a higher age group then certain features like dual microphone system, pitch control, bass and tempo controls, etc. have to be considered because the older ones have a better knowledge about the same and will be able to utilise the features efficiently.

Some karaoke machines seem to be the ideal choice for kids, but when you bring it home and start using it, you realise it is as good as any regular music player. It does not quite feel like a karaoke machine. Hence, the following things should be considered:-

1. Features

Karaoke machines usually come with various features but not all of them are used really. So pick and choose the features you want and accordingly buy the one that suits your needs. It is very important that the karaoke machine should be easy-to-use and portable too. Kids have low patience levels and are quite fidgety, which is why the karaoke machine should not only be attractive but also very handy.

If you prefer duet performances then buy one with dual microphone system, otherwise single microphone input will do. Also keep in mind the display screen, whether black and white or coloured, should have good resolution.

Additionally, the audio input mode is very important. Find out whether the machine plays CDs, MP3 files, iPods, burned discs or has an in-built storage for songs. It will be sheer wastage of money if the machine is not compatible to the music you have.

2. Portability

If the machine is going to be constantly on the move for slumber parties, picnics, get-togethers, etc. then it is preferable to go for a compact one. Also, for a small child it is feasible to buy a portable machine so that he/she has proper access to the visual display and other features. It becomes even better if the machine can be connected to a television, so choose one with an AV output. This will help you enable the lyrics to be displayed on your TV screen with superior quality sound system.

Apart from these factors, the ultimate deciding factor remains the price. Price will of course vary as per the features of the machine. It is not necessary that a costlier machine will be better than a less expensive one; it simply implies that the costlier one has more features. So, settle for whichever suits your pocket and has the required features.

So make your decision and give a child reason to have some extraordinary enjoyment!

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