Home Karaoke Machines

There was a time when karaoke machines for home users lacked a lot of the features commonly seen in pub or professional units. Technological advancements thankfully have helped bridge this gap and a decent home karaoke machine today can perform at par with any professional machine.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Home Karaoke Machines:

A component unit will require speakers, a TV and your own microphones to operate. They just come as a Blu-ray or DVD player capable of playing karaoke tracks. Quite naturally, such home machines are non-portable because of the heavy wiring required.

Self-sufficient units are easy to use and take along because they have their own screens, amplifiers and mics. These can range from elaborate expensive units to simpler units.

Anything that is over expensive quite naturally should not fall under the home karaoke category. Unless you are a die-hard fan of karaoke, refrain from overzealous expenditures when you can get the same performance for an affordable home solution.

Does the machine play all kinds of CDs and DVDs? Can it accept two mics at once for duets? Does it accept a flash drive to play tracks downloaded from the internet? These are extra features that add to the cost but also help expand the uses of the machine.

Read our Reviews and Find the Home Karaoke Machine you need:

Memorex MKS-SS2 Karaoke Review

Singing to the Memorex MKS-SS2 is as close as one can get to a recording studio. With the pedestal setup that packs in a universal cradle and line-in, dual mic inputs, dual speakers, instrument input and an awesome construction, you won’t find a better deal than this for under $100. In fact, this home karaoke machine is much more exciting than many of the lower end professional karaoke players.

2 Electrohome EAKAR300 Karaoke Review

Electrohome EAKAR300 Karaoke Review

Awesome quality, plenty of volume and good reliability, the Electrohome EAKAR300 is well worth investing into. This karaoke machine is designed for home karaoke enthusiasts and is portable at the same time however, the lack of a display screen might prove to be a bane for those who wish to carry it around with them. Overall, this is one my favorite karaoke machines in the home karaoke segment.

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3 Electrohome EAKAR770 Karaoke Review

Electrohome EAKAR770 Karaoke Review

Easy-to-use, full-fledged unit and loads of fun, the Electrohome EAKAR770 is an expensive but relaible home entertainment karaoke system.

4 MicroKY DuoStar KHM500 Karaoke Review

MicroKY DuoStar KHM500 Karaoke Review

Sleek and sexy hides underneath a huge database of songs and loads of voice control options. The MicroKY Duostar is as close as home users will get to the feeling of singing on a professional karaoke stage. If you love karaoke but don’t like hitting the bars on a regular basis, get the MicroKY Duostar and hook it up to your HDTV and home theatre system, you definitely will not be disappointed.

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5 Emerson GF-829 Karaoke Review

Emerson GF-829 Karaoke Review

Not many karaoke players get a perfect five star from me but the Emerson GF829 wins it in the home karaoke segment thanks to an impressive array of features, a decent price tag, uber-reliability, superior performance and loads of future-proof specs. Get the GF829 if you want a low maintenance, zero stress, easy to use karaoke machine.

6 Singing Machine iSM1028Xa Review

Singing Machine iSM1028Xa Review

The Singing Machine iSM1028Xa is a miniature karaoke hub with two microphones, a pedestal main unit, dual speakers and a built-in display. USB compatibility, iPhone dock, built-in radio are a few non-karaoke features. It does come with RCA out to connect with a television. Basically, an all-in-one solution for karaoke enthusiasts, it can even double as a bar karaoke machine thanks to its superior quality and features.

7 EnterTech ET19K Karaoke Review

EnterTech ET19K Karaoke Review

Entertech ET19K is wireless, compact, durable, quality and loads of fun. This home karaoke machine needs a television to operate and with over 2000 songs, expansion capability, SD card support won’t be outdated anytime soon. Besides, the wireless microphones and decent sound output make this an expensive but worthwhile investment.

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8 Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Review

Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Review

Affordable and compact, this portable karaoke machine reminds me of boomboxes of yester years. It is completely self-sufficient and thus an excellent home karaoke player.

9 Singing Machine SML-383 Review

Singing Machine SML-383 Review

When you see the Singing Machine SML-383 start getting excited. This karaoke machine doesn’t only help you sing well but also creates a mood for party and fun with its disco lights. As long as you have a television screen, it will keep you entertained with hours of karaoke fun. Best of all, Auto Voice Control never lets you feel dejected even if you are the world’s worst singer.

10 Magic Sing ET15K Karaoke Review

Magic Sing ET15K Karaoke Review

Cheap, compact and reliable, the Magic Sing ET15K is a karaoke aficionados dream come true. While not as versatile as other machines, it is definitely much more portable than everything else in the market. Excellent sound quality, easy operation and good durability add to the allure of the Magic Sing ET15K.