Home Karaoke Machine Buyer’s Guide

Often the term home karaoke machine is confused with component karaoke players but there are many portable units that also fall under the home karaoke bracket because they can integrate with a home theater system. However, the norm is that all home karaoke machines are component based configurations. They are all dependent on various components usually found in your house such as a speaker set, a television and the only thing you need to purchase for them is a set of microphone, although a few home systems come with mics too.

Buyer’s Guide Table of Contents:

If you have experience dealing with stereo receivers then you won’t have any problems understanding the concept of a component system. They are basically designed to directly integrate into an existing stereo setup or home theater environment. While portable units are called plug and play, it is interesting to note that the term, “plug and play” actually does describe component karaoke machines better since they can interface with just about any generation or make of home theater setup. Moreover, they also provide a greater power output and quality, all dependent on the audio system used.

Typically home karaoke machines can be broken down into three groups namely low end, mid-range and high end. This buying guide will focus on each group separately discussing their features, best use and what to expect.

Low End

Price – Less than $200

Low end home karaoke systems are what most buyers will be after since they pack all standard features. However, many low end units usually lack a remote control to fine tune adjustments and these are best for beginners and light use in small or compact rooms. They often pack in a 5 band equalizer, echo feature, some amount of reverberation, pitch and tone modulation but don’t expect the full range of features.


Price – More than $200, Less than $400

Mid-range home karaoke systems often come as component units with portable features like a screen and a set of speakers inbuilt into them. They also pack a few extra features and can be adjusted using a remote. They are great when used in tandem with high quality home theater systems and will suffice for serious karaoke lovers. Such devices often are built to last so warranty should not be an issue.

High End

Price – More than $400

High end home karaoke machines have the whole array of special features such as built-in hard drives, disc changers, advanced file systems and recording profiles. They are great for large rooms and can also be used in commercial settings although they are sold for professional karaoke singers or those really serious with their karaoke practice for competitions, who want something as good as the professional units used in bars and pubs.

In the next part, Portable Karaoke Machine Buyer’s Guide, you will find out what differentiates a portable karaoke machine from other kinds and also what you should look for when buying one.