Here’s A Little Helping Hand With Karaoke Night Jitters

Do you perennially wish to sing as good as your favorite rock star? What might actually be stopping you from reaching your true potential in front of the mic is stage fright, a documented reason why majority of people fail to perform at their best. It is within all of us to become better at what we do if only we can control our fears. Surveys and research has already shown that the number one fear for over 70 percent of the population is getting up on stage. So, if you have heard yourself sign and were impressed then there is no reason why you won’t be able to do well at a Karaoke performance. What you need to control is the fear of the big stage.

It Begins In The Mind

You must have heard this before, the mind controls the body. Well, it definitely controls your vocal cords, the true performers on stage. Consider your body to be the vessel through which the vocal cords are directed to deliver a performance so if you can relax the mind, get rid of all the tension, your vocal cords will calm down to vibrate with the exact intensity and frequency required for soothing and relaxing tones.

Fear is a form of reaction of the mind to an outside stimulus. This can be an emotional or physical reaction, which means that it can be triggered by a physical stimuli or an emotional one such as a memory from years ago. Catcalls while on stage when you were a kid is one of the many stimuli responsible for restricting the mind from relaxing itself on stage. In fact, many don’t even remember the exact incident responsible for this condition. So, the first step is to simply accept the fact that there will always be someone or a group that will boo you irrespective of how magnificently you perform. The remaining populous is what you ought to be concerned with. They are the ones who will cheer you onwards. For every person booing you there will be always two others who will motivate you further with a smile, a cheer or a clap.

Lesson To Be Learnt: Always find out those in a crowd who smile or cheer you on and lock onto them during your performance. Block everyone else out and every time you feel the jitters, search for those eyes and let their warm smile softly embrace your mind into calmness. Always believe in yourself and let go of all your worries. Concentrate on the lyrics and timing, forget about the vocal part and let your voice do its magic.

Practice Is The Key

Karaoke experienced for the first time is truly surreal but when you know it isn’t your cup of tea and you have to perform in front a whole host of folks, it can be debilitating. In such a situation, practice is your best friend. What you aren’t naturally gifted at can become your forte with practice so sing out the song plenty of times beforehand, fine tuning your voice. You don’t have to shout it out from a lonely rooftop, just hum it to yourself whenever possible. Imagine the crowd and imagine people jeering and cheering you when you practice, above all, always try to practice with a vendetta.

Lesson To Be Learnt: Rehearse, hum and sing as much as you can imagining a crowd or with the help of your close friends and family before hitting the stage. On stage, just remember that you have practiced this time and again and are ready for anything and everything so there is actually nothing to fear.

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