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With a built in screen that displays lyrics alone, the Hello Kitty CD Karaoke system is completely self-reliant and this is necessary in any kids karaoke system. Thankfully, it doesn’t stop there. This karaoke machine also features a built-in speaker unit, a video camera for live performances and recordings. The vocal effects available include balance and echo control to change the nascent sound of one’s voice and it comes with a front loading CD+G player, 20 track memory. What truly makes it a kids friendly machine though is its appearance. A pink petite box stamped with the Hello Kitty insignia is sure to get the attention of young girls, especially fans of Hello Kitty products.

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In the features department, the Hello Kitty karaoke player is loaded with plenty of adult-like features such as a black and white 5 inch screen for reading lyrics, dual microphone support with individual voice controls for duets, video camera for recording solo and duet performances, battery-powered operation for complete portability and a decent warranty cover to keep parents satisfied about longevity.


Thanks to the screen and speaker units packed in the Hello Kitty Cd Karaoke player, it is a completely portable system. However, the use of 6 C size batteries makes it a truly portable wonder. Kids will love carrying this light and petite player wherever they go and with a suitable car adapter, you can even let them enjoy karaoke on the road.

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Finding a compatible second microphone for the Hello Kitty is a bit of a problem since it won’t work with many commercially available microphones. The lower end mics tend to work fine though or you could ask Hello Kitty for an additional mic, purchasing it separately.

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Construction wise, the Hello Kitty karaoke player is a bit more rugged than competing brands and makes. However, if you were to look at the customer reviews then one gets the feeling that there is a slim chance of getting a faulty piece with a dysfunctional microphone or a defunct screen. Thankfully, any complications automatically qualify customers for a replacement within the first 30 days of purchase.

Hello Kitty Karaoke

Helloy Kitty Karaoke


I believe that a kids karaoke player ought to be portable and highly versatile in its features. Hello Kitty karaoke machine offers enough features to keep kids excited for long although it lacks auxiliary or iPod connectivity. Nevertheless, I feel the fact you can record performances, sing in duet style and carry it wherever you go makes it a very versatile kids karaoke player.


Lightweight, decent construction all the right ingredients to stay a hit with kids for long, the Hello Kitty CD karaoke machine is the ideal gift for aspiring singers and performance addicts. While not something you would give an adult or a teenage boy, it is definitely well suited to small kids and girls, even teenage girls.

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  • Can play CD/CD+G/CD+RW/CD+R and has a 20 track programmable memory.
  • Comes with a single microphone and can accommodate another with individual mic controls.
  • 5 Inch black and white screen with built-in speakers.
  • Operates on AC power or uses 6 C batteries.
  • Features fun light effects for a disco feel.
Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine

Screen is clear enough to read lyrics, sound has a good balance and it comes with voice control features.

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