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Usually, anything from Entertech is respected for its durability and quality and the Entertech ET19K is no different, albeit with a slightly expensive price tag. However, this unique and compact portable component karaoke machine was high up on my list of testing and I just had to get it the moment it became available again on Amazon. Packed with 2,000 pre-loaded songs, six expansion slots, Entertech have done a decent job of also accommodating backward compatibility with Recording Chips or the Silver Chip from EnterTech. You also get a pair of wireless microphones with a good range of over 50 feet and can connect a VCD or DVD system with your choice of video source for the background video while you enjoy a good round of karaoke on the ET19K.

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Right out of the box, there are so many things that you have to unwrap starting with the compact base and the two mics that take in batteries to operate. The mics themselves have plenty of buttons on them that let you individually control the pitch and tone for each as well as skip tracks and go directly to tracks by reading their respective numbers out of the song book. Connecting to a television set is real simple using the RCA cables and that’s about all the setup that is required. Select your song and start singing.

By the way, expansion slots go in the back and they are easy to carry along too thanks to the extra space in the inclusive carry bag. Obviously, one look at the ET19K and anyone will understand that this isn’t designed to take in CDs, so no CD or DVD player here. The USB cord accompanying this karaoke too isn’t of much use either as it doesn’t let you update or tinker with the built-in database, although you can use the 2GB SD card it comes with to add your own karaoke tracks.


Portability is the forte of the Entertech ET19K. Without a screen and audio system of its own, however, you are stuck with just the karaoke heart. So, it loses points for the lack of own video and audio but the size, weight and wireless nature of the mics win some back.

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Two things to keep in mind with the Entertech ET19K, first this isn’t capable of playing DVDs or CDs so there is only one way to increase its song database and that is through commercially available karaoke chips, which actually pack in more songs while costing half of a good karaoke CD. Secondly, it won’t work well with a separate television and audio system because it uses a RCA output and doesn’t provide a 3.5mm out for wiring multimedia speakers or even fully fledged home theatre systems, I guess they really mean portable home solution when with this one.

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Some say that they weren’t expecting the elevator feel in the sound quality, others feel let down by the song database but one thing you hear anyone complaining about is its durability. In fact, hardly anyone asks about the warranty, because Entertech ET19K doesn’t go bad for a long time. You can trust it with your life (and a few mishaps too!)

EnterTech ET19K Karaoke

EnterTech ET19K Karaoke


Versatility is a bit low with the Entertech ET19K considering that it won’t play CDs and DVDs but add anything to the SD card in a karaoke format and it can read those just fine. Moreover, since it is solely a karaoke machine, you really can’t do anything else with it. Thankfully, the wireless microphones do help giving it a sophisticated feel, while the remote lets you manage every feature and option available on it. Lack of recording feature too kind of let me down.


The Entertech ET19K is definitely worth the expensive $300 above price tag, especially if you are real finicky about the end product. Unparalleled performance akin to that of commercial machines is a promise delivered by Entertech with this quality product. Sometimes, quality does cost a little extra and the ET19K definitely delivers a brilliant sound quality without being too bulky or difficult to transport.

  • Comes with 2045 English songs pre-loaded.
  • Can expand using the 6 expansion slots.
  • Backward compatible with Entertech Recording and Silver chips.
  • Wireless mics, a pair, have an operational range of 50 feet.
  • Connect a separate video camcorder/DVD/VCD player to your video source and play background video of your choice.
  • Comes with a handy carry bag, wireless microphone pair, song book, manual, RCA cables, 2GB SD card and batteries.
EnterTech ET19K Karaoke Machine

Really compact, durable and a large database with expansion ability, offers a good sound quality and wireless microphones.

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