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Don’t be fooled by the petite nature of the Emerson SD512, it is an excellent addition to any family household. As a low-end system, it packs in just enough features. The quality too is alright with iPod compatibility and total of 150 songs pre-included with a 3 inch lyrics screen support that can be transmitted to a television screen. It also comes with a USB port charger to charge iPods, a cradle for mp3 players, alarm, clock system and a microphone. This karaoke player can either operate on 120 Volt AC power or off 3 C batteries. It features all the conventional buttons and controls with a unique feature called the Auto Voice Control that helps in remembering lyrics and ensuring a good vocal performance.

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When I saw its $40ish price tag, I really did not care for the features as long as it gave some amount of karaoke performance but after reading through its specs and trying each out, I was totally blown away. Dual microphone support and iPod compatibility is what took me aback. And then the ability to transfer over to a larger screen and better audio system ensures that you don’t miss out on higher end features because of your tight budget. It even features Auto Voice Control, something only Emerson provides in all its karaoke players. Feature wise, I would peg this as a complete family karaoke machine.


When something weighs just 1 pound, you cannot really complain about its portability. Besides, it does have a screen and, if not excellent, decent speakers built-in so it will play karaoke on the go. And if you have an iPod then you can basically do everything that a portable karaoke player can.

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The in-built speakers are just 5 watt so don’t expect a mind blowing sound experience. Furthermore, the screen is just 3 inches so if you aren’t standing close enough you really won’t be able to read the lyrics with any amount of certainty. Thankfully, it will completely interface with a television screen for both audio and video.

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Durability is the only place where I feel the Emerson SD512 lets you down. Not that it has broken down for me but the fact that this karaoke machine doesn’t inspire confidence in me. First of all, the below one pound weight basically points towards the excessive use of plastics followed by a few complaints that the display dies out too soon. Thankfully, it only costs around $40.

Emerson SD-512 Karaoke

Emerson SD-512 Karaoke


I believe that for all the things that the Emerson SD512 can do it is at best a kid’s karaoke machine because of the construction quality and its basic endowments. Yes, it plays from an iPod, can take in two microphones and will also play CD+G but none of what it does is of a high quality. Kids and teenagers will find it quite versatile but adults will lose interest in a matter of days.


While the Emerson SD512 is cheap and placed at a position that bridges the gap between karaoke machines meant for kids and home users, it has features to satisfy both the groups. The sound quality is a bit on the downside but considering its below $50 price tag, one can settle for it. Excellent for teenagers, children or family events, the SD512 is a spectacular gift to get folks started down the road to karaoke glory. Just ensure that you have an iPod to really take full advantage of this karaoke machine.

  • Total of 150 songs pre-built into the machine.
  • Has an option to use SD cards.
  • USB port helps in charging iPods and mp3 players.
  • Comes with one microphone but two mic inputs and separate volume controls.
  • Alarm and clock.
Emerson SD-512 Karaoke Machine

Loads of features and a really cheap price tag, great for kids

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