Emerson GF-829 Karaoke Review

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With a sleek exterior the Emerson GF829 actually offers a lot more than any other player in the market. Features to make any karaoke enthusiast happy, this machine is portable, reliable and loads of fun. 7 Inch large color display screen for the lyrics, an in-built DVD player that streams CDG content and auxiliary input for personal players as well as gaming consoles with a cradle to rest the player completes this machine. It even comes with a SD card reader, two complimentary wired microphone and the ability to source to a larger television screen/home theater system and work off a 120 Volt AC or 12 Volt car adapter.

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Individual controls for each microphone input, free dual mic setup, CD/DVD player with in-built screen, decent speaker power and clarity, awesome all-inclusive design and a catchy size makes for an impressive piece of modern engineering. The Emerson GF829 truly is like no other karaoke machine in the market so much so that the features kind of make it a blend between a portable and home karaoke machine. In fact, it can be used for any purpose with its plethora of input options that include USB and SD card with home theatre and television streaming options.


Full marks for portability, the Emerson GF829 is compact and lightweight with a large color screen, decently powered speakers and full karaoke controls. In fact, the dual mic setup adds to its portability making this home karaoke machine an equally adept portable player.

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It comes with a key drop feature essential in many karaoke tracks that your voice isn’t naturally suited to. This helps in changing the voice and configuring it to the exact tone and pitch used by the singer. It also works great in duet performances to get two voices synced up perfectly.

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For above $200, one expects superior quality and performance. This is exactly what the Emerson GF829 gives and it is reliable too. I haven’t yet come across any complaints regarding a faulty CD player, broken screen or dormant microphone. In short, this is as durable as any fully self-sufficient machine can get.

Emerson GF-829 Karaoke

Emerson GF-829 Karaoke


Once again full marks for versatility as it can do just about everything one expects from a karaoke player. Plays CDs, DVDs, has a screen, sources from mp3 players using auxiliary cables, directly from USB and SD card and so much more. Did I already mention that it can hook up to your television screen and home theater system?


Having reviewed the Emerson GF829 over the past two weeks, we are happy to report that it more than meets the requirements of family and commercial environments. A highly reliable and quality product, the speakers deliver crisp sound, good effects and the screen is large and clear enough to read. It is great to take along on road trips and for camping as well as to sit pretty at home for weekend karaoke parties.

  • Features a large 7 inch color display.
  • Comes with two microphones and individual controls for duet performances.
  • Can record music mixes and voice.
  • USB and SD card reader.
  • A complimentary 300 MP3G disc.
  • Digital echo and key control feature.
Emerson GF-829 Karaoke Machine

Everything works great, lasts long and is a perfect family product.

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