Brand New Karaoke App For Xbox Battles With Game Titles Rock Band And Lips

Karaoke singing games for Xbox 360 can be summarized with the mention of two popular titles, Lips and Rock Band. While the former is an all-out Microsoft designed karaoke environ, the latter challenges players by engaging them with a musical instrument whilst singing in sync with the tune. Ever since 2008 when Rock Band was released, karaoke on the Xbox360 became an instant craze. Now recognizing the immense potential of this market, the Karaoke Channel has tied up with Microsoft Live to bring out yet another way to utilize accumulated Microsoft points. The application is available as a free download on Xbox Live is called, “Karaoke”.

What Is It?

On the top it is basic karaoke software that plays empty tracks devoid of lyrics also called as KTV along with lyrics displayed on the television screen so that users can sing along while maintaining their pitch, tune and gusto in sync with the actual song. It takes in audio input using micro USB mini microphones for the Xbox 360 or other compatible microphones and in turn measures it against the live lyrics using internal algorithms to rate and measure player’s ability to recapture the original performance. In short, the Karaoke app is all about KARAOKE.

How It Fairs Against With Rock Band?

Unlike Rock Band where you get a preset number of tracks devoid of the vocals that you can repeat as many times as you wish with or without backup vocal artists, the Xbox app, rents out their tracks on hourly basis in lieu of Microsoft points accumulated in one’s Microsoft Live account. Basically, it uses zero money for additional tracks. Rock Band on the other hand gives thousands of downloadable songs that are differently priced based on their popularity and demand.

Another point of distinction between Rock Band and Karaoke is that Rock Band allows players to follow the beats of any particular instrument with or without assisting vocals thus adding in an extra layer of difficulty but without removing the sing-along element. One can choose to play the drums, guitar and keyboard among all instruments compatible with the game. Moreover, for this purpose, one would have to purchase the individual instruments as they are smaller in size and are made to connect to an Xbox 360. Xbox app, Karaoke on the other hand is a simple no-frills karaoke software that will provide 8000 plus songs to choose from allowing users to play whatever they like for a stipulated period of time. After the rental time runs out, users can choose to switch tracks, return back to the main menu or refill their wallet for the next few hours of singing excitement.

How It Fairs Against Lips

Lips initially came out as an attempt by Microsoft to break into the Karaoke game market for consoles. It looks a lot like Sony’s own attempt but trumps it with plenty of under-the-hood additions and tweaks to give a better interface with plenty of great features. However, this too needs money expenditure. That is where the Karaoke app betters it. Unlike Lips that is designed to be multiplatform for Wii and PlayStation, the Karaoke app is only for Microsoft Live and Xbox users. As mentioned with Rock Band, Lips is shipped with limited tracks and possible paid future additions from the internet.

Quite simply speaking it is an attempt to enrich the Karaoke experience on Xbox that is indigenous using a tie-up with the Karaoke Channel, giving this app wide access to the largest collection of Karaoke tracks in the world.

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