Best Karaoke Bars in America

Nothing can match the feeling of a live performance in front of a packed audience and eager friends, well expect a Karaoke machine. Killer Karaoke, the latest reality TV show to hit the American shore might take this phenomenon to the extreme but even in its sedated version, the very act of going in front of folks, singing to your heart’s content and blowing off steam is something that many people like to do afterhours.

It is the thrill of the performance rather than signing that gets you going. For some the very act of blaring out at the top of your voice, jumping up and down, having a blast with friends is what makes karaoke so special. Then there are folks who use karaoke to calm down, relax and come back into the folds of sanity. A karaoke bar helps achieve such feats of relaxation in guests by soothing their nerves with whiskey and cocktails, and then letting them sing along with state of the art karaoke machines, with strobbing lights, fog machines and the whole ensemble of stage antics.

The good news is that there are karaoke bars spread around every city in the United States. From traditional Korean style karaoke rooms to flamboyant bars specifically made for karaoke lovers, you will find plenty of places to relax and unwind your vocal cords. Nashville in particular boasts of karaoke nights that see local aspiring country singers come on stage to give their creativity and voice air. Then there are weird Karaoke nights such as Carnie-oke, revenge of the nerds organized at the Good Luck Karaoke in Dallas. If night clubbing is what you expect on a Karaoke night out then visit Palm Tree, LA for its private room based red leather couch karaoke experience.

Time has long passed since the first Karaoke bar opened up in LA in 1982 and today these bars are way more advanced with machines that have over thousand different tracks for playback. Many of these places even organize regular in-house contests and competitions to keep the aura of karaoke alive, kicking and growing.

Here are the top three Karaoke Bars that we managed to unearth from a multitude of choices.

Columbus Ohio – CIRCUS

Just recently, CIRCUS saw a night filled with performers and lively students who murdered an entire album by Radiohead. Instead of indulging in single track performances and the one off great shows, CIRCUS allows its guests to delve into entire albums from its Computer song list.

New York City – Gagopa

Gagopa is a secluded karaoke bar that is hard to locate even if you keep your senses at full alert. Located at 28 W. 32nd Street, watch out for the Gagopa sign. This place offers private rooms along with a large collection of songs, tunes and tracks in many different languages from Korean to English and everything in between. Oh! you can also bring your own alcohol into the premises, something that very few karaoke bars allow in the vicinity.

Dallas – Good Luck Karaoke

Creativity is the forte of Good Luck Karaoke. Theme parties are passé with this karaoke bar as it enters into a whole new creative realm. Josh Hammertimez with Oliver Pecker host the Thursday nights here for a unique extravaganza based on odd themes, ideas and just about anything. Walk in on any day of the week and find yourself lost in a totally new theme starting from Mexican cartels to American folklore.

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