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The perfect Christmas gift for Barbie fans, the Barbie Karaoke machine is a compact and stylish karaoke player that has a perfect blend of features. For aspiring rock stars this karaoke machine brings in colors with tunes supporting up to 2 microphones together and plenty of cool lights for a disco appeal. It is rated age appropriate for 7 years and above with AVC or auto voice control, master volume controls and echo feature. This player can read CD+G, CDR and more formats and operates on AC power as well as C size batteries.

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The disc player plays CD+G commercial discs available for cheap on Amazon and with so many titles out now your daughter will keep practicing her vocal prowess for a long time to come. Dual mic support, vocal modulation features such as auto voice control, echo and master volume all add to the mix. But the most astounding feature of this player is its ability to interface with television to display the lyrics and its battery operated mechanism that works on 6 C type batteries.


So light that you won’t even realize its weight in a rucksack or backpack, the Barbie Karaoke only lacks a screen so as long as one has access to a television, karaoke is on the to-do list. However, this machine also plays normal CDs so kids can use it to sing along to tracks when a television is not available such as on camping trips and school events.

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The microphone cord is long so kids should not find themselves tangled in wire or accidentally drop this kids karaoke machine while dancing to their own voice. For duets, it is best to purchase two similar microphones so as to match impedance and other specifications.

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Compared to all the other best karaoke machines available and the price this machine retails for, it is the most durable product yet. Hardly any complaints regarding its longevity, parents have actually appreciated its tough plastic exterior with rugged construction. All the controls work well even after a year and the fact that it lacks a screen comes handy here as the television handles the lyrics and video part. It also helps decrease the price by a large margin.

Barbie Karaoke

Barbie Karaoke


Unfortunately, the lack of screen and video camera as seen in other kids karaoke machines means that the Barbie karaoke machine loses out in terms of pure versatility. Otherwise, it is just as capable as the rest.


Styled keeping girls in mind, the Barbie Karaoke machine is sure to be an instant hit among girls. Lots of features, voice modulation options and CD playback capability gives this ultra-portable karaoke player the right credentials to remain a popular toy with kids right through till their teen years.

  • CD+G, CD, CD+R and CD+RW compatibility.
  • Features fun disco lights, front loading disc player.
  • 5 Comes with Auto Voice Control, echo feature and individual master volume control for each mic.
  • Can support at most two microphones.
  • AC power and battery operated with built-in speakers.
Barbie Karaoke

Good sound quality, excellent construction, highly reliable and easy to use.

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