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Compact and small, the Akai KS505 CDG Karaoke Player is a fairly brand new karaoke machine to enter the market. While it hasn’t been long on the internet, considering its limited offering and a self-sufficient nature it is best suited for budget constrained home users or kids. An affordable price tag with decent offerings such as a 3.5 inch TFT screen, USB connectivity, built-in speakers, single microphone and volume echo controls gives it a sober nature.

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Straight up, the Akai KS 505 doesn’t pack enough of the right features to qualify as a quality karaoke player. While it does offer CD-G playback, unfortunately that is all it can play, even from a USB drive or flash media. As for the built-in speakers, it just isn’t powerful or clear enough for an average sized room but for two to three people, it is more than enough. My biggest problem though was with the display size. At 3.5 inch and with the blue screen white letters combination, you literally have to be up close to read anything with certainty and fluency. Same goes for voice modulation, which is just basic in this model but then again one really can’t complain much if something costs so less.


No questions, this is definitely very portable weighing under 5 pounds and with a compact size. I actually have classified this under the kids segment because of its size and basic features. So, yeah if you are searching for an ultra-portable karaoke then the Akai KS 505 is ideal.

Additional Buyer’s Information:

If it is your first time purchasing a karaoke machine then the Akai KS 505 is a good choice but for those who want more for less money, unfortunately this is the best it gets unless you are fine opting for a component based player that doesn’t have a screen or speaker built-in such as the MagicSing ET15K or EnterTech ET19K.

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Although nothing yet has gone wrong with the KS 505 and I do have confidence in Akai’s Japanese technology, I am not too sure if this machine will last over a year. My doubts stem from the fact that it feels plastic from the outside and weighs so less while packing in a screen, speaker and CD player. Only time will tell if it is durable enough.

Akai KS505 Karaoke

Akai KS505 Karaoke


CD-G is all it can play and this more than speaks of its limited versatility.


While our particular test piece worked just fine we did feel it was a bit on the flimsy side probably because of its super light nature. At just 4.9 pounds the Akai KS 505 is the lightest fully fledged self-sufficient karaoke machine on the market. Yes, Akai hasn’t produced a totally spectacular piece of karaoke machine here as we have come to lately expect of them but for this price tag one shouldn’t be complaining.

  • 3.5 Inch widescreen TFT monitor.
  • Built in speakers with a nominal wattage.
  • USB connects to mp3 players, smart phones and iPads/iPods.
  • Demo CD-G disc helps in getting started..
  • Ultra lightweight at just 4.9 pounds.
  • Comes with a single microphone.
Akai KS505 Karaoke Machine

Lightweight, ultra portable design and kid’s friendly features.

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