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Too many electronics cramping your living room, why bother having a separate karaoke machine and DVD player when you can have both at a really affordable price tag? The Akai KS 886 is a combo of karaoke with music and video playback thanks to its highly versatile top loading tray that takes in CD+G, CD, DVD, VCD and more. Great for karaoke enthusiasts and music lovers alike, this gadget also packs in an equally impressive 7 inch TFT screen smack at the centre that lets you watch videos on the fly. Add to this the fully fledged amplifier it boasts and you get a portable entertainment hub. Video outputs let you broadcast to a larger screen and microphone inputs let you connect your choice of mics. What more can a karaoke/music lover ask for?

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Speaker and a screen with a top loading disc player might deceive onlookers into believing it is a modern day boombox but the Akai KS 886 is a feature rich karaoke player that also manages to double up as a DVD player. Every single facet of connectivity has been properly thought out and provided for. Take for instance, iPhone and iPod connectivity or the television and speaker out, dual microphone inputs, this is in every sense an exciting proposition and I was totally overwhelmed with what I got for such a neat price. This has got to be my favorite portable karaoke machine just based on the features.


I don’t think I will ever come across another well parceled karaoke player in the near future. Because of its feature rich nature and boombox design, it is lightweight and portable. You can take it anywhere and start it up for hours of karaoke entertainment with friends, family and strangers. The park, your RV, the woods, your private cruise, jet nothing can stop the Akai KS 886 from being the center of attention.

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Just one thing, you won’t be able to stream videos from SD cards or your iPhone, it only reads music or karaoke files directly. To watch videos, you need to use the top loading tray for DVDs or CDs. Also, the KS 866 comes with only one microphone although it provides two inputs, so best if you purchased a pair of microphones separately for a proper duet session.

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While I did read a few complaints against this particular model from Akai regarding dependability, I have to say I am quite impressed by its build quality. In fact, other than the low volume of the built-in speakers, I found it operated just as advertised. Yes, the manual is a bit misleading at times but then again, one can’t blame the Japanese for their lack of linguistic prowess.

Akai KS-886 Karaoke

Akai KS-886 Karaoke


Play music, watch videos, record your voice, karaoke through the night, stream from an iPhone or a SD card, you name it and the KS 866 can do it. As far as versatility goes, I simply cannot give it full marks.


The first impression of the Akai KS 886 is akin to a home entertainment system but it also doubles as an excellent karaoke player. In fact, the opposite is the reality, it is a karaoke player first and entertainment hub second because of its karaoke specific features. Interfacing with an iPhone or the television are complimentary gimmicks on offer to fulfill its multifaceted role. Basically, the Akai KS 886 is a worthwhile cost effective investment.

  • Quality enhancement features such as auto voice control, microphone volume, equalizer, key control and echo control.
  • Offers two separate microphone inputs, a line-in for portable devices and iPhones.
  • Fully portable entertainment hub with karaoke compliance that plays CD/MP3/CD-RW/CD-G/CD-R/DVD/CD.
  • 7 Inch TFT screen with remote control and built-in speakers.
  • Stream audio and video to a speaker system and television respectively using the connectors included.
  • SD card slot and USB port allows recording and music playback.
Akai KS-886 Karaoke Machine

Awesome set of features, fully portable, self-sufficient, low maintenance and low cost.

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    James E Rogalski February 24, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    How do you find a replacement manual for this machine?

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