Acesonic KM-112 Karaoke Review

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The compact and light-weight Acesonic KM-112 Karaoke Mixer is the ideal multi-purpose sound mixer, with 4 echo-controlled microphones, an excellent full-range 3-D sound mixer, and adjustable volume and is compatible with Windows Vista and XP Operating Systems. This mixer provides a diverse choice of sound sources, namely electric musical instruments like the electric guitar, the piano keyboard and so on, for mixing with music played from iPods, MP-4 players, PCs and DVD Players. This hi-tech mixing unit can be connected to your television, standalone speakers, stereo system or home theatre system for the desired sound output.

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Sometimes, looks can be really deceptive, and that’s exactly what outlines my experience with the-112 Karaoke Mixer. When I received the shipment, my first notion was based upon the size of this unit. But as I started using it, I came to a gradual realization that good things often come in small packages. Acesonic has always been a pretty reliable brand for electronics, and this all-in-one karaoke mixer is no exception. Judging this advanced mixer in terms of features and functionality, I can vouch for the fact that is an excellent purchase. You can practically plug in any electrical instrument as a sound input, and the sound effects will be terrific. Unlike other karaoke mixers, there is no complicated installation required. The input and output connections, both XLR and RCA are fairly easy to connect, and the host of mixing options as well as sound and echo control, are quite easy to monitor consistently. Moreover, the 3-D sound enhancer imparts a professional touch to the sound mixing, which gives you a feel of being in an upbeat nightclub or karaoke club, while you are very much present in your own living room!


As compared to sound mixers which include in-built speakers and just require an input source, I would say that the portability is slightly limited. But one needs to consider the fact that the absence of a sound unit is hardly a dampener, because of the sheer compact build and lightness of this mixing device. Since it is so compact and portable, you can carry it with utmost ease wherever you require, and use it in a variety of locations, without having to worry about how heavy it is. Well, to sum it up, on a rate of 1 to 5 for portability, I would rate the Acesonic sound mixer at 4, not because it is not portable, but for the requirement for an output source such as a speaker, a stereo or a television unit nearby. You can carry it and fit it anywhere near a suitable input and output sources, with extreme convenience.

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A word of advice for beginner: Please do not rush into inviting too many people at home to show off your new sound mixer. It is important to master the echo-controls first, and all it requires is a bit of practice. As a new user, you might find blurring of the sounds while turning the echo control knob, but it will be perfectly fine once you are used to handling it. Apart from the echo control, it is also recommended that you keenly study and try your hand at the 3-D sound enhancer, an excellent feature of this unit that can enhance the overall sound effects to a great extent.

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Like any other Acesonic electronic device, especially in the audio genre, the durability of the Acesonic KM-112 Karaoke Mixer is fairly impressive. My friend has been using it for almost 3 years now, and apart from a few minor constraints which are inevitable after prolonged usage, there have been no major issues as such with the sound effects, the control knobs or the wiring. It was actually this friend of mine, who recommended this model, when I was looking out to purchase a reasonable priced sound mixer. I have myself been using it for several months now, and have absolutely no complains as far as the durability of this equipment is concerned.

Acesonic KM-112 Karaoke

Acesonic KM-112 Karaoke


A special word of mention for the fact that the device is adaptable for working on 115/230 voltage, and does not falter even after long stretches of use. I have been using it for hosting parties at home, as well as taking it out to a neighborhood karaoke bar, and it continues to provide the same brilliant sound effects. This Acesonic mixer can be used by music freaks, party lovers and professional DJs with equal ease and efficiency. Even without using the karaoke option, the unit works equally well, and I have been using it over the past eight months, both personally and professionally. The only reason why I’ve allotted it a 4 on 5 for versatility is that its interface is limited to Vista and Windows XP. However, it is still one of the most high quality and versatile sound mixers I have come across till date.


I have always been particularly fond of live music, and although the concept of sound mixing has always interested me, my first-hand experience of it has been really great, thanks to the easy functionality and smooth sound controls of the Acesonic KM-112 Karaoke Mixer. Not too expensive, and immensely helpful for music and karaoke enthusiasts, I definitely recommend this unit to all like-minded people!

  • Front Panel has two 1/4” Microphone Inputs
  • Rear Panel has 2 XLR Input Slots for XLR Microphones, electric musical instruments or other sound input sources
  • RCA input connection for PC/ iPod/ DVD Player/ MP4 Player
  • RCA output connection for TV/ Speakers/ Home Theatre/ Stereo System
Acesonic KM-112 Karaoke Machine

Ample choice of input and output devices, superb echo control, light-weight and compact.

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