Best Karaoke Machine Reviews – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide of July 2019

As an avid singer, I’ve devoted much of my life to singing. I remember being a young child and pushing my little lungs to their limit with my dad’s personal Karaoke Machine. Still, to this day, I love getting up on stage at my local bar and singing the night away, and I think I share my passion with the majority of the world.

best karaoke machineAs you can probably expect, I’ve tried and tested quite a lot of Karaoke Machines through my life, and I now document my findings through my website. Apart from providing reviews, I also provide helpful tips on how to improve your vocals, how to best enjoy Karaoke and what features to look out for when purchasing a Karaoke Machine. Each machine has different features, and different brands incorporate different technologies into their machines, so it’s important to know what you’re buying and what it’s going to do for you. If you’re in the market for a new Karaoke Machine, or simple just trying to find the best karaoke machine for your party or to daily use, hopefully my unbiased reviews will provide some insight into the build-quality, microphone quality, speaker quality and other vital aspects of karaoke machines.

Also, if you’re a wild fan of Karaoke like me, feel free to head over to the videos section where you’ll find some rather hilarious and mind-boggling clips of people singing. You can also explore the resources I’ve compiled to fine-tune your singing voice, improve your notes and more importantly, have fun!

Home machines are smaller, simpler versions of professional machines used in bars. They may range from machines you can hook up to the television to show the lyrics or the performer onscreen or you may use your iPhone or iPod as part of the machine.

Technology has enabled karaoke machines to be made small enough to carry with you no matter where you go. You can take them to parties or your child can carry one around just to have fun with. They even make them in bold colors for kids.

These systems are used in bars and nightclubs as a form of entertainment. They project the lyrics of songs on monitors set-up around the bar for patrons to watch as they sing. The machine will contain thousands of songs karaoke participants can select.

Why Buy a Karaoke Machine?

There may be several reasons why you would want to buy a karaoke machine for your own use. Almost everyone loves to sing and having a karaoke machine is one fun way to do so without being too embarrassed. If everyone else is singing, you may be more apt to give it a try and by using a karaoke machine, you don’t have to worry about forgetting the lyrics.

If you have teenagers in your home, it’s a good way for them to entertain themselves, along with their friends. They can sing their favorite hit songs and have fun seeing who knows all the lyrics and who has to look at the screen constantly. It’s great for parties and birthday parties or for just having fun family evenings.

Aspiring singers in your family will love working with the machine as well. The singer can practice their stage presence and practice memorizing lyrics in time to a song’s beat much easier than they can with just sheet music. Buying a karaoke machine for your family can be a good investment.

Before Buying A Karaoke Machine, Consider These Factors

Whether you’re buying a karaoke system for your home or for a nightclub, you have several factors to consider before deciding on which to buy. With their popularity, karaoke machines are available in electronic stores, in large retail chain stores and even children’s toy stores. The reasons for buying a karaoke machine and the price may be two of the factors you will want to consider before making a purchase.

You will want to consider your needs before purchasing a karaoke machine. If you are only using it at home, you may just need a simple machine that has shows the lyrics on the face of the machine or that allows you to dock your iPhone to use as the screen. If you are buying one for your child, take in the child’s age into consideration. You can find simple karaoke machines in most toy stores for younger children. Older kids or teenagers may find a portable karaoke machine useful so they can transport the machine to a friend’s house.

As with many decisions, cost is often a factor when purchasing equipment. If you only need one for your child, you can find karaoke machines that are relatively inexpensive. However, you often get what you pay for and spending more money on a machine often allows you to get more options and features. You can pay thousands of dollars for professional grade equipment, which you may never need. However, if you run a DJing business or frequently host parties, a higher end karaoke machine may well be worth the price. Research features and options and consider them when looking at prices.

When buying a karaoke machine, whether a home or a professional karaoke machine, you need to consider the equipment before making the purchase. You can get machines with wireless or wired microphones for both home and professional models. A wireless microphone gives the singer more room to move around because they are not tethered to a microphone stand. Having more than one microphone may be necessary in order to allow people to perform duets or to sing together on songs. For home use, you probably won’t need more than two microphones, but if you may need more for a professional set-up.

Another piece of the karaoke machine you will want to consider before buying a machine is the monitor. Some machines made for home use have very small monitors on the machine and it is difficult to read the lyrics while singing. You may want to choose a machine that will allow you to connect it to a computer monitor or directly to your television in order to see the lyrics better. Children’s karaoke machines also have small displays and you will want to decide whether you want to be able to hook it up to a television in their room.

You can either purchase CDs with songs suitable for use on your karaoke machine or you can select a machine that gives you the option to download songs from the Internet. While you may be able to find some downloads at no cost, you will have to pay for most of them that you get online. However, being able to directly download songs to your karaoke machine allows you to keep up with the latest releases and you don’t have to put songs on your machine that you may never use. CDs will need to be organized and kept clean.

Types of Karaoke Machines Reviewed Here:

Other than the basic usage of a karaoke machine, there are few factors based on which, one can distinguish karaoke machines into particular categories. Here at we prefer distinguishing karaokes based on the intended audience.

Kid’s karaoke machines are the perfect gift for your small budding singer. They are made with attachable microphones so they don’t get lost and they are easy for kids to use. They have a small display on the machine so your child can read the lyrics as they sing them to the tune of the song. Many machines are made to resemble characters kids love.

  • Pros: Lightweight, Easy for kids to carry, inexpensive.
  • Cons: Small displays, often made from plastic, often needs fresh batteries.
  • Best For: KIDS! These are great for kids who like to sing. They can easily carry them around the house or to a friend’s for a slumber party.
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Home karaoke machines are great for families who like to do things together. They can sing from a selection of songs and spend hours taking turns doing so. It is a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon together or they can be a great source of entertainment for slumber parties. Many home machines can be directly connected to a television so the lyrics are clearly visible to everyone taking part in the karaoke fun.

  • Pros: Fairly inexpensive, lightweight, multiple song sources.
  • Cons: Small displays, low sound volume, limited memory.
  • Best For: Using as entertainment for the family, at birthday parties and to use for family gatherings at the holidays.
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Portable karaoke machines are great for teenagers and families because it allows them to get their machines to friends’ houses for parties or to family gatherings and use it for entertainment. Portable machines are lightweight and easy to transport from place to place and some of them can be easily carried around the house if the singer so chooses. They are usually inexpensive.

  • Pros: Lightweight, Easy to transport, inexpensive entertainment for families.
  • Cons: May require batteries.
  • Best For: Just about everyone! Also, families with kids who like to sing and want to take their karaoke machines for slumber parties or when they visit with relatives for the holidays.
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Professional karaoke machines are made for nightclubs and bars who use them to draw in people to their business. They often hold contests with prize money to bring in customers. Most clubs and bars have regular karaoke nights, usually once or twice per week, and draw many of the same people in week after week. DJs also use them for parties and at wedding receptions.

  • Pros: Download option for songs, allows for multiple singers at once, draws in business.
  • Cons: Can be very expensive, license fees on songs.
  • Best For: Either drawing in business to a bar or nightclub, but they can be used for entertainment at parties and weddings as well.
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