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Almost all kid’s karaoke machines come as a self contained unit. Only a few higher models have the ability or rather the necessity to interface with an amplifier and speaker setup. What is that children find so interesting in singing along to tracks? Some are budding singers, others love imagining themselves as their favorite singer.

Basically, these machines are inexpensive for the parents and adults, entertaining for the kids and lucrative for families. Beware though, kid’s karaoke machines usually tend to integrate a lot of components together and to cut costs, they use plastic parts, inferior hardware and so on. Point is, if you wish to have a family time together then don’t go for kids only machines.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Kids Karaoke Machines:

Remember that kids tend to have a short attention span. The karaoke machine has to be easy to use, self-sustaining with a screen of its own, a set of speakers and mic, portable and cute! Quite naturally, such machines come with very few options or buttons.

Not all kid’s karaoke machines are cheap and fragile. Many in fact are expensive and made to last. Look at the quality before you purchase a karaoke unit for your child. The last thing you want is to surprise them with a Christmas karaoke gift only to take it back to the store in a week’s time.

Not all kid’s karaoke machines can play all formats. Some are programmed for specific karaoke formats. Many indeed lack an expansion slot or a USB point to accept customized karaoke tracks. For toddlers this won’t be an issue but for kids in the age group of 8 to 14 years, getting a long term solution might be a better idea.

Karaoke machines designed for kids usually come with a handle, a carry bag of its own and a self contained unit that can be taken along on field trips, campouts, vacations or to the school. Make sure the entire unit isn’t too heavy otherwise the machine will just end up sitting in his or her room.

Read our Reviews and Find the Kids Karaoke Machine you need:

Hello Kitty Karaoke Review

Battery power, dual mic setting, individual balance and echo control, built-in screen and much more, the Hello Kitty Karaoke packs in lots of adult features in a kids friendly attire with the insignia of Hello Kitty painted over a pink surface – this machine is an assured hit among kids.

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2 Monster High Portable Karaoke Review

Monster High Portable Karaoke Review

Packed with features that usually brace fully portable adult karaoke players, the Monster High Portable Karaoke packs in a screen, speaker, dual mic support with echo and voice balance. Kids will love its cute pink monster design and parents will appreciate the quality the most.

3 Karaoke USA GF829 Review

Karaoke USA GF829 Review

Comes with everything kids will want and more. This is almost an excellent home karaoke machine for an entire family too. You can't go wrong with the Karaoke USA GF-829

4 Barbie Karaoke Review

Barbie Karaoke Review

Cute Barbie inspired design with built-in speakers, disc player and dual microphone support, the Barbie karaoke machine is an instant hit among girls of all ages. This machine boasts of premium quality and superior sound with voice modulation options seen in higher end models.

5 Emerson SD-512 Karaoke Review

Emerson SD-512 Karaoke Review

Really compact and basic in its offerings, the Emerson SD512 is priced on the lower end of the spectrum with budget conscious folks in mind. An excellent starting karaoke machine for novices and beginners, this does provide everything to enjoy karaoke including a built-in screen, iPod compatibility and dual microphone support.

6 Singing Machine SML-385 Review

Singing Machine SML-385 Review

The Singing Machine SML-385 is an affordable karaoke machine that both, kids and adults will adore. This player packs in a decent sized speaker with dual microphone inputs, the ability to transition onto a larger screen and bigger speakers, decent performance and dependable quality. Did I mention that it also has disco lights illuminating the front?

7 Akai KS505 Karaoke Review

Akai KS505 Karaoke Review

Akai has definitely produced some amazing karaoke machines over the years and its latest entrant, the Akai KS505 is supposedly the cheapest self-sufficient portable karaoke player on the market. However, don’t expect too much from this tiny tot, it’s a basic player with limited versatility but it does do one thing right – karaoke.

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